1. C

    Jobs in Florida?

    I’ve been an EMT in Kentucky for two years, I’m enrolled in a paramedic program currently. When I finish I plan on moving to Daytona to finish college. The service I work at now has a fixed schedule and we work 48 hour shifts. Is there any service within 100 miles of Daytona that does this? Also...
  2. J

    Looking for some advice in getting experience

    Here is some background on me: I just turned 19 and got my EMT in Alaska my senior year of high school. I just recently moved down to Everett Washington to attend Everett Community to take the fire science classes to eventually become a firefighter. When I took my Emt class I got my Alaska cert...
  3. S

    Paramedic student, needing job ideas

    Hey everybody! I’m currently a paramedic student about to start my internship. I’m trying to relocate from California and I’m very open to any ideas in Oregon and Colorado. Possibly Washington as well. I’ve heard good things about UC Health, I’d love to know more about that general area too...
  4. A

    EMT Openings in Big Spring, TX (Gov. Facility Full-Time Position)

    Good morning all, My name is Mike and I wanted to both introduce myself & inform everyone here that there's a Gov. Facility currently seeking 2 EMT's for two full time permanent positions at one of my company's associated facilities. I'm a representative of AMG Healthcare Services, a leader...
  5. M

    Could I loose ability to practice?

    Ok. While going through the fire academy for AEMT I was accused of cheating on my final (I didn't) so I had a hearing and they said they think I did and i was expelled from the course and there for could not get my license or test for registry. They then said I would have to find somewhere else...
  6. C

    AMR Riverside

    Hello guys, I'm about to finish my EMT class in about 2 weeks and hopefully get my cert soon after that. I do want to apply for AMR Riverside Division bc it's close to where I go to school (UCR) and I wonder what's the part-time requirement for AMR and what's the hiring process like. I want to...

    EMT in NJ

    I'm a paid 911 EMT in NJ (and driver), so I get paid $13.00/ hour. I work full-time, which is 36 hours a week. I also volunteer and have a second job. After taxes and medical benefits, I am making enough to get by...but that is only because I still live at home. I am saving up as much money as I...
  8. A

    IFT or 911?

    I've seen many threads with this topic. I am a new EMT and have one more day of training with an IFT company. However, due to submitting various applications to different companies, I have an offer for a 911 company as well. I don't know which to pick. I understand IFTs are what you make of it...
  9. J

    NY Medic looking for CA job

    Hey all I'm a medic raised and trained in the greater NYC area. I've worked in the Hudson Valley and Long Island, trained along FDNY on my field rotations. I recently moved to Pasadena and accidentally got myself hired by an international remote care company at the same time about a year ago...
  10. K

    AMR Sutter Alameda County

    Hello all, I am currently looking for a job with AMR's IFT division with Sutter in Alameda county. Does anyone happen to know who I can contact for job openings or to inquire about the hiring process? I have tried several emails and phone numbers and gotten no where with any of them. Thanks!
  11. B

    Hennepin County Medical Center is hiring for paramedics

    Hi guys, Just wanted y'all to know that HCMC is hiring a lot of paramedics right now. If you don't know anything about them, I'd see the flyer I attached. Sounds like a good gig if you're cold blooded or can get over the cold for a career job.
  12. K

    New BLS Service in Atlanta

    I am in the process of starting up a new company in the Atlanta area and could use a few EMTs. I am starting up with two Type-II trucks. I need two EMT-B's and two EMT-I's. Please, reach out to me if you or anyone you know is looking for work in the Atlanta area. Thanks!
  13. B

    Interview tips

    I recently passed the NREMT and I am going to start going on interviews for EMT positions. Any tips on the interview/application process?
  14. B

    DC/VA/MD Paramedic Jobs

    Hi All, Going to be relocating to the Washington, DC area come April. Any suggestions on places to work as a medic. I'm coming from the Boston area with 10 yrs EMS experience 911/Interfacility primarily and the last 2 years Pediatric/Neonatal Critical Care. Not really picky where I end up...
  15. Loshi

    Has anyone worked at First Responder?

    Its an ambulance company in CA. I've seen it around more than a couple times but I can't find any worker reviews or know anyone that works for them.
  16. HypOthymesia

    Feeling dejected...need some advice

    Long story short: Passed EMT, got NREMT cert and State cert. County EMS service said do this and we'll hire you. County changed requirements after saying you only need XYZ four days prior. Added a "Must have 1 year of clinical experience". I can't seem to even get an interview in an ER as a...
  17. J

    Getting my Texas Cert...

    So I was arrested a while back, 2 years ago like right after my 18th birthday, and the charges were dropped. I now have nothing on my record but the arrest is still listed. Can I still get certified and hired?
  18. C

    Concurrent EMT-B/IV cert & IV approval

    My question today is twofold. First of all, I know how essential it is to be IV certified when looking for your first EMT-B job and that it really gives you a leg up on the other candidates. I am taking my EMT-B class in the fall, and then in the spring, the IV certification class goes from...
  19. M

    I'm an EMT and got a DUI... What now?

    Here it goes. I'm 23 and I've been licensed and practicing as an AEMT in the state of TN for the past two years at a private ambulance service. Last night I was out drinking and decided to drive and got arrested. I've been charged with a DUI, speeding, and due care. Is this the end of my career...
  20. Anthony Nevarez Jr

    Interview with AMR tomorrow!

    Hello all, Tomorrow I have an interview with AMR Redlands Division in CA. I was hoping to get some advice and info that can help prepare me. I have already taken and passed the written portion of the process. Thanks to all.