1. TransportJockey

    Free Webinar/CE?

    Anyone know of any free Webinar/CE/Instructor led distance learning out there? I know Centura Health out of CO puts some out occasionally, but I'm looking for any more that anyone knows about. Just trying to do as much as DL so I can blueprint NREMT in two years and have more than enough to...
  2. C

    GTN Studies

    Hi all, I'm trying to find papers on IV versus sublingual GTN for cardiac conditions but there doesn't seem to be a load out there. I've tried the normal channels but keep finding papers on monkeys, dogs and anal fissures!! Any help would be massively appreciated!!
  3. C

    emt in need of advice from all around the U.S

    hey everyone, first off if you reply to this with general knowledge of your area/city it means a lot and thank you... okay so i am a emt-b in california. min wage $10 i run 911... i am in medic school now but do not want to be a medic in california whatsoever. i am not educated on any other...
  4. MarilynEagle

    High School Classes for Paramedic School? (URGENT)

    I am a junior in high school right now and I am taking an EMT-B class through a local education program. After high school my goal is to attend paramedic school and get an associates degree. My current GPA is about 2.95 and I've taken all of the core classes required so far (biology, sociology...
  5. daniduck

    EMT education and getting hired

    So a year today, I completed my EMT Basic training. I attempted taking the National Registry, and fail both times, and yesterday was my last chance to take the State test and had a 63.50%(needed at least 70% to pass)... no that my Course completion is expired, I'm planning on retaking the...
  6. P

    AEMT entrance exam pointers?

    Hello, Friday I'll be taking my AEMT entrance exam for the course at REMSA. I haven't worked as an EMT since July, so I'm a little nervous that I'll forget some important stuff. I've been studying on quizlet and looking up other material. My main question is if anyone has anything they think...
  7. Jondruby

    Paramedic Class and Books.

    Hey guys can anyone turn me on to some good textbooks for Paramedic education. I hope to be starting classes next fall, but I would like to get some studying in ahead of time, (I am working full time so if I can get a headstart on studying that would help, come Fall). I know textbooks and...
  8. MedicSansBrains

    Paramedic Practitioner? Masters degree and future of EMS

    We've all heard of nurse practitioners. We probably don't know exactly what their scope is or depth of their training but we do know that they are a vital part, along with PA's, to amplifying access to healthcare in the US. We also have heard or even participated in Community Paramedic...
  9. S

    Relevance of Continuing Education for BLS providers

    I've been a member of this group for many years but haven't been active in posting or responding, mostly just following the discussions. As an EMS Educator and CE Program Coordinator in the Los Angeles area I've struggled for a long time with the challenge of developing a CE program that is...