EMT education and getting hired


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So a year today,
I completed my EMT Basic training. I attempted taking the National Registry, and fail both times, and yesterday was my last chance to take the State test and had a 63.50%(needed at least 70% to pass)... no that my Course completion is expired, I'm planning on retaking the training course. I know I could've passed the State test only if I took it shortly after passed the training course. But had a lot of things going on in my family and the family business and took me away from studying for the test... ALSO.. that I was scared of taking the test.
Now that I took the state... I know I could've passed it and have full confidence that I will pass it after I retake the course....
So my initial question is, When I do pass the Indiana State Certification test, and apply to few possible EMS services, when reviewing me, are they going to look into my Training grade? How many attempts I've taken and results? Will the more attempts I take hinder my chances of getting hired in the EMS?
From your experience, what process did the EMS services had to do?

Details would be appreciated! Thank you!


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A pass is a pass. I don't think the NREMT even stores or publicizes data on how many attempts people take on their tests. When a service verifies your NREMT registration or state certification they only care about the certification being present.

I wouldn't worry about it too much as long as you have a handle on why you failed and are fixing your problems. It sounds like you're going in with the right attitude on dealing with it, so best of luck.


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I would think depending on the state and department they would want to see your college grades but I doubt they would be able/want to see how many times you took the test. Like the other poster said, a pass is a pass.