1. Loshi

    What is the best GPS system for ambulance/ fire?

    I use google but I was wondering if there's an app that populates the shortest miles (for code 3s) What GPS apps do ya'll prefer?
  2. S

    How can we help reduce DUI's ?

    It is so tiring to see repeat offenders of DUI and the damage that is caused to the victims and to the families involved. Why must we see these 'accidents' so often and why is 'alcohol abuse' so poorly treated today? I just watched a TEDx talk on Youtube (from The London Business School) which...
  3. R

    Last Min EVOC Help

    Hey guys, So I have manged to get thrown into a EVOC, despite me successfully avoiding driving the rig for years (not out of laziness but rather it worries me alot the thought of driving something that big). when I say I got throw in I mean thrown in the class starts Fri. So on to the questions...
  4. F

    Non-ambulatory EMS jobs.

    Hi folks - I'll keep it short & sweet. I'm really passionate about working as an EMT. Problem is, I don't want anything to do with driving an ambulance. I don't trust my sense of direction while under stress in an area I might be unfamiliar with especially when someone's life could be on...
  5. Tnaemt94

    Is hitting 90 mph transporting L&S on interstate acceptable?

    I often hit 90-95 mph on the interstate transporting out of town 10-33 traffic
  6. ChrisC5928

    Question about EMT-B Driving record

    Hello, Here is my question hopefully you guys could answer it for me I have looked every where and haven't found a answer. I am from Massachusetts I just got nationally certified and licensed as a EMT and will be applying for jobs in the field very soon. My worry and question is about my driving...