1. B

    Advanced Life Support Training Video

    Hello from Austria! Our Kids from Jugendrotkreuz helped filming a test ALS training Video. I hope you like it. It should be based on ERC 2022, however not all worked out that well ;-) Please let me know your feedback, we would like to continue with stuff like that. All the Best Michael
  2. Chris EMT J

    Unusual presentation

    Hey so had this call that was really a unusual presentation so I am going to give some important information to the case and have some information private for patient confidentiality. Teenage male CC of jittery feeling Visual cues: Tripod position Obviously involuntary shaking of legs and...
  3. F

    (NREMT-P) ALS Psychomotor Exam

    I am taking my ALS Psychomotor Exam in the next few days. I’ve passed my NREMT-P written exam already, so this is the last thing I need. Any last minute tips? I have pre-test jitters lol. Thanks in advance!
  4. S

    ALS companies in the Bay Area

    Hello everyone, I’m an EMT currently working BLS in the Bay Area and I live in Santa Clara County. Does anyone know the ALS companies specifically in Santa Clara County? And ALS companies in the rest of the Bay Area that hires EMT's? Thanks
  5. Maggie Yakus

    Airborne Combat Medic care for Paratroopers

    Hey this is mainly for my fellow combat medics out there. I just got assigned to an airborne unit straight out of ait/airborne school. A big concern I've heard from people is that the unit's current medics are not trained well enough to handle an airborne incident whether from the landing or...
  6. D

    SLC Ambulance

    Who provides EMS Services in Salt Lake City? Does the fire department do there own service OR is it AMR/ or another private contractor?? Just wondering---Thanks...
  7. beaucait

    Capnography for EMT-B, a useful tool?

    Capnography has been said to be useful, but its not in Maine EMS protocol for basics. There is nothing wrong with reading a waveform if you are trained to do so. What do you think? Is it helpful? What scenario would you think this to be most helpful? Where do you think it would not be useful? Do...
  8. K

    Feasibility of starting a live stream web CME for a fee?

    One of the agencies I work for utilizes a platform to give CMEs live over the web. People in our agency are able to login via a desktop or mobile devices to watch doctors give lectures on different topics and call review. There's a live chat portion that the speaker can see and participate in...
  9. A

    Severe hypoglycemia

    Overview: I recently had a young, previously healthy patient with rapid onset altered mental status (vertigo, confusion, shaky), BGL "Lo." Patient rapidly improved with oral glucose. There were some aspects of the patient's presentation that I've been wondering about. Initial vitals were...
  10. A

    IFT or 911?

    I've seen many threads with this topic. I am a new EMT and have one more day of training with an IFT company. However, due to submitting various applications to different companies, I have an offer for a 911 company as well. I don't know which to pick. I understand IFTs are what you make of it...
  11. Mya

    Choking pt becomes unconscious...inserting an airway?

    I recently took a BLS CPR class to renew my cert and the instructor told us that after some time if the patient has no chest rise and fall and the object is still there, that ALS will insert an advanced airway and just push the object into the lungs. 1. If there's no ALS (I'm an EMT) do we just...
  12. M

    Most Progressive Protocols 2017

    Hey all. I am going to be doing a final essay in paramedic school and I just wanted to post on this forum to see what everyone thought. I am interested in progressive protocols and perhaps sometime in my career, be involved or start a movement for a nationwide set of protocols and more training...
  13. LoganBrogan

    Time Management: Studying for Medic school with a Fulltime EMT job

    Hey everybody, I’m currently an EMT working a full-time job for AMR: Palm Springs, in CA. I have my EMT and A&P entrance exams for Crafton hills college next week and I’ve been putting in lots of hours studying to make sure I pass that and actually get into the school, first. I’ve been putting...
  14. NUEMT

    What would you change about your protocols?

    Anything. Everything. You and your medical director are eating pizza and he/she asks you honestly and you answer like you actually care. What would you say? Trends, wishlist, out of box ideas welcome. Post references if you got em.
  15. FireDog19

    Lightning Strike

    First scenario, constructive criticism welcome. Medic Units 2, 4 & 5 respond to 111 Party Ln. on a lightning strike, multiple patients. No further information at this time. [@19:30] You (unit 2) arrive on scene to find 4 patients, all have been drinking. Units 4 & 5 are 7 minutes out, here is...
  16. C

    Thread #8,175,361 About AMR

    Good afternoon y'all, I wanted to make a thread to get some specific information about working for AMR as a Paramedic in systems where they have medical authority. I have been surfing the forum for days reading up on everything, but I have a few specific questions I haven't found a clear answer...
  17. X


    Hello folks I live in Sacramento,CA I was wondering if anyone has attended Sacramento States paramedic program and if so how was the entry test and how was the interview?
  18. E

    Phoenix AZ EMT's and medic

    BlastMedics wants you Apply now.. Tell CC that Don sent you. All EMT's/Paramedics in AZ. We are going to need you for sporting events in February and beginning of March. Contact us at Thank you 2/4/17 - 10 needed 2/7/17 - 1 needed 2/9/17 - 2 needed 2/11/17 - 4 needed...
  19. A

    Narcan Use Survey

    Please respond to my survey about Narcan use as a diagnostic tool. Thank you!
  20. Mills2297

    Can Anybody Else Verify This???

    So rumor has it that Narcaine is gonna be available over the counter at stores sometime here soon. I dont know if this is completely true or just rumor through the grapevine, but if it is true what are ya'lls thoughts on it?