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    Uniform. Is there a way to spot clean it??

    We have the super antimicrobial foaming spray at my company, for stains i spray some on the inside of my uniform and "shoot" out the stain. Hold it right up to it and spray it through the cloth. Tide to go pen works great for food stains.
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    Competence and alcohol

    I dislike drunks. I had a drunk guy punch through a window w/big bloody lac on his arm. I get to him and he starts spitting blood at me. Screw that, scene safety. PD puts a spit mask on him. Get him packaged and in the back and he the vomits all over the back of my rig. Took me 2 hours over my...
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    How often do random people talk to you/say thank you?

    My favorite restaurant told me thanks and gives me half off in uniform. It might just be because he likes me and I go there 5 times a week no joke. They have a bomb chicken salad...
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    How prepared for you after leaving your EMT course?

    The course I took was private, and my class was class #1 for the program so we were defiantly guinea pigs. When I actually got out into the field I had to learn quite a few things by trial by fire. I will say you dont learn to be an EMT until you work as an EMT.
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    First Call of the Year

    Call came in as an OD. Get on scene and PD already has a 22 yo male in cuffs butt naked sitting in his living room. PT saying things like "Show me the sky I want to see the angels." Pt would only admit to smoking weed and when asked anything else he would go back to speaking about the clouds and...
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    Care Ambulance (I know... Another one!)

    Standard EMT/NREMT questions. If you dont pass the written in the beginning of the test day you dont interview later in the day. Dont be that guy. Interview is all situational questions ("How have you taken control of a hectic situations?" etc) no ems interview questions. Skills are usually...
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    Oh OCFA...

    I have not decided which system is more efficient LA responding code 3 everywhere, or OC responding code 2 almost everywhere (did have exception today for depression dunno why). I can tell you which is more fun though!
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    What's the story with your screen name?

    I drive a Honda
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    Sandy Deployment: SoCal to NY

    Sounds like a blast and a great experience. Good work! This is going to make me get on a strike team at my company.
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    Shoreline vs. Lynch vs. Pacific

    The only company I haven't heard bad things about is Pacific. If you truly do have a choice I'd go with them. Other than that work anywhere that will take you.
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    911 or Transport?

    I would pick 911(wouldnt everybody?). If he is working 24 hour shifts then he will only have to commute 2 or 3 times a week.
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    CARE ambulance

    Anybody that interviewed last Thursday get an email today? Just curious.
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    Companies checking Facebook prior to hiring

    How would one go about doing this?
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    the 100% directionless thread

    I never post in this thread but I need to vent a little right now. So I am in Cabo on vacation for 5 days and today someone pulled a 7 year old boy out of the pool. He was AOx0, pulseless and had aspirated alot of water. When I got to the kid he had been down for 3 minutes already with people...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    I am sorry for your loss. I know I am new to this thread but please let me know if there is anything I can do via the internets to help. So I have finally come to the realization that I am a white cloud. I had my 6th FTO shift today, 2nd consecutive 8 hour shift without a call. I just want...