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    Video Laryngoscopy

    I've been using the King for about 6 months now and have had good luck with it apart from one incident where an 8.0 tube got stuck in the channel. This happened to a few of our medics but the problem was traced to a specific brand of ET tube.
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    AEMT in Washington state

    I used to work in East Snohomish County, Sultan, Index and Gold Bar all have AEMTs and do a class every other year or so.
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    We just started using it in my county, it is first line for septic/neurogenic shock that is refractory to fluids. 8-12 mcg/min titrated to effect and then backed down if BP allows.
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    Remedies for that GI Bleed/Rotting Flesh Scent on calls

    When I was doing OR airway time this year we had a kid with a lower GI obstruction, apparently you need to shuck sunflower seeds before you eat them. Anyway, the anesthesiologist handed me a bottle of wintergreen flavoring to put in my mask, the stuff worked great and left me craving some gum.
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    Needed Advice for a Medic Student

    I am about to finish paramedic school myself, if I were in your spot, I would take the New York tests as well. You never know when your plans will change and its always good to have options.
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    How do you remove supine patients from their homes?

    We carry a Mega Mover it is a tarp looking thing with sturdy handles, they hold around 800 pounds if I remember right. It works pretty great and it is easy to clean. We also have nylon cargo nets and clams.
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    KCM1 Video

    Great video, saw a few familiar faces. I take their physical today and providing I pass it, have an interview later in the week.
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    Looking for work in Seattle

    I worked at Northwest, you will be doing mostly IFT transports. You may get put on the nurse car but even there you will be doing a great deal of driving and little patient care. If you want to see sick patients and get lots of experience quickly, go to Tri Med.
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    Looking for work in Seattle

    Check out Northwest Ambulance in Marysville, it would be a good place to start and get some experience. Mostly IFT and critical care transports. I enjoyed working there, it was laid back but professional.
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    Drug reference

    I use Epocrates and it works well for what I need from it. I have also heard good things about medscape.
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    Who has the highest paid Paramedics?

    I am told that King County Medic One starts at $69K right out of school and tops out around $100k.
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    IFT/BLS companies Portland, OR

    AMR and Metro West are the only two I know of in Portland, I don't know much about them other than they do many if not all of the transports for Portland and Tualatin Valley Fire.
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    update your opinion of ePCR, please

    The county where I work started using ESO in 2010. There were some teething problems for the first 6 months but after that it has been fine. A BLS report takes me about 15-20 min to complete. Now I'm using FISDAP for paramedic school and I hate it with a passion.
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    What made you actually chose to become a paramedic?

    Watching "Rescue 911" on TV in the early 90s got me into the Fire/EMS field and after becoming a firefighter I realized that medicine was (for me anyway) far more challenging and dynamic than putting the wet stuff on the red stuff. I still do love the fire side but I think being a paramedic will...
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    Guide on dealing with drunk patients.

    Is there a sober person that can look after them? That is one of my litmus tests when I decide whether or not to transport. Of course this is after I am sure that there are no other drugs, trauma or anything else that would cause me to take them in. If they are protecting their airway and have a...