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    EMS Summer Jobs?

    There are tons of summer camps that hire EMTs to work on call under the supervision of a RN. For instance I worked here last summer :
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    Dropping a patient

    I think all you can do at that point is to make sure the patient is ok, document document and document, and call your supervisor ASAP and let him know what happened. Dont try to just sweep it under the rug...
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    new poster

    You could always try becoming a SWAT medic, I mean look at their rigs...:wub:
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    Mandatory Radio Reports?

    Down here in downtown San Diego all BLS radio reports are to be given in full detail regardless of the severity of the patient. Part of me thinks this is why it is because unfortunatly EMTs have lately been bringing dead patients into the ER that should have been upgraded long before transport.
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    Mandatory Radio Reports?

    Woah, I cant really think of a reason why you wouldnt be able tell the hospital what you have. Do you know of any specific regions where they arnt required to make radio reports?
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    Mandatory Radio Reports?

    Recently I was talking about radio reports with my supervisor who was formerly a medic from Texas, he was telling me how they never even made radio reports and just show up to the hospital without giving them a heads up. I'm not sure if this was just a old school way of running calls or if Texas...
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    iPhone to Android good medical apps?

    iTriage and Medscape are some good ones for android, not sure if they are available for the iPhone.
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    Paramedics working in a hospital

    Looking to get into medic school soon but I want to weigh out my options with a paramedic degree, I know the majority of medics become firefighters but I don't feel like that would be for me. So my question is, has anyone worked in a ER or other healthcare fields being a medic? If so, could you...
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    Current San Diego EMT Pay Rates

    CARE in SD pays $11hr and a bonus for each year your employed there.
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    San Diego Medic schools

    Palomar lets you pay for each class individually so if you do fail out you don't lose all of your $13,000
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    Not sure, I think you know as much as I do. I didn't get a chance to talk to him after or hear...

    Not sure, I think you know as much as I do. I didn't get a chance to talk to him after or hear what it was.
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    i have one dwi. am i wasting my time?

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    Looking for quotes

    Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement. Read this in book somewhere.
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    New to EMS. IFT question...

    *Genius. Haha ironic
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    Driving Record

    Hello, sorry to hound you guys with another driving record question but I searched and I couldn't an answer to my question...I had an interview today and everything went really well but I had 2 tickets for seat belt violations (i know, im an idiot) and my interviewee said he would have to check...