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I'd also take statements around demanding information carefully. Most transport crews (BLS, ALS, HEMS, or otherwise) are reliant on their contracts with hospitals, and worry about their image quite a bit. Arguing with ED or other staff is probably going to get you in trouble with your own company. If you really don't feel like you have enough information and the hospital staff are unable or unwilling to provide it then you should be contacting the supervisor on your service.
This is major. Yes we all got into EMS to worry about medical issues but there is a lot more to the job. If your company relies on contracts and someone being a hot head threatens that contract, there will be no hesitation to send you packing. If there is an issue, let the supervisors/management approach it.


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“Celebrated” my last day at now-former employer with very unwelcome viral gastroenteritis at 0100 after returning from a long day of BLS discharges. I felt like crap all day and erupted from the inferior eye, but got stranded and then started vomiting while stuck to the pooper. A uniform shirt bravely gave its life serving as a catch basin, but it’s limits were exceeded rapidly. It was pretty humiliating. Also an apt reference to my experience at Previous sucked. Home now, resting and pooping a lot.


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Most patients don't need a Masimo probe, and they are pretty expensive. I'd rather have a rad-57 with a reusable probe and a standard nellcor setup.
There reusable rad-57 style probe is what many LP15s are equipped with.