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  • Hi there, I've been doing some research lately into Medic One in King County and was just wondering if I could pick your brain about a few different things. I don't see an option to PM you about this so I guess I'm wondering if I can ask you a few things and the best place to do that? Thanks in advance!
    If when possible, please contact me. Have some questions about employment at KCM1 and surrounding counties of similar systems.

    Sorry to see that threads direction, I was very dissapointed to see someone attempt to post a recuitment video with postive intentions get interogated and rudely attacked like that. I am the recruiter for my service, and I felt ya'lls video was very well put together and deserved praise for quality. I see nothing wrong with people wanting more info and asking questions about your service, but you and I both know some of them were downright attacking and belittling your service.

    Have a good day,

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