1. L

    Question for EMTs/Paramedics

    Hello, I’m 22 years old I want to become an EMT in the future but I have epilepsy I’m don’t know if I can because of it. I’m not effected by lights and I’m allowed to drive and I’ve been on a steady regimen for the past few years. I’ve been researching and some websites say yes I could be an...
  2. S


    So in the mist of me finally getting my self together I’ve decided to start to train to be an EMS. But thing about me is I’m 4ft9 (yes I know) I’m so so self conscious that I’m just Too damn small to be able to be an EMS. I’m currently weight training and the most as of now I can lift is 80 pounds.
  3. AlexandraMay3155

    Internship Advice

    Howdy! I am a 21 year paramedic student who finished all the classroom work, and start my clinical internship tomorrow. Background, I am from Fairbanks, Alaska and I recently made the 4,000+ mile drive to Austin, Texas for my externship. The scope of practice, the call type, volume, culture...
  4. R

    Questions from a high school student

    Hey all, I'm a HS student in Arizona and it's nearing that time where I need to figure out what to do with my life. My dad was a FF/EMT for years before I came along and is pushing me to go the EMS route instead of law enforcement. Through my county I can get my EMT-B by the time I graduate for...
  5. Gemma Beauchamp

    Armed EMT's

    I was wondering if EMT's should be armed. There are lunatics out there wanting to end our lives. Should EMTS be armed or wait to have law enforcement come?
  6. C

    Failed the second time for

    I am doubtful about taking the test for a third time. The first time I was unsure about the test and bombed it and the second time I took it I actually did worse but I was studying from books and bought emt prep for some guidance and was more than sure I was going to at least see some...
  7. Loshi

    What are your initial questions that you ask when you first interact with a patient?

    Do any of you have a script? or do you just go through the general SAMPLE and OPQRST questions?
  8. Louis

    EMT-B Merit Training

    Hi everyone. I have a couple of questions and was hoping you guys can give me some pointers / answers. I will be starting my EMT-B course with Merit Training it will be 1-2 months of online training and 1 day practical skills assessment & final test. I need to get a solid foundation of 40 - 80...
  9. Em K

    EMT Certification Questions!

    Hello! I am an undergrad student who took the EMT course last spring (spring of 2014). Due to family and personal reasons, I was only able to take the Cognitive Exam (through the National Registry) last month, August. I was aware that I had to take the Cognitive Exam within 2 years of course...
  10. M

    EMT-B nooby

    Hello All! I just found out that i passed my NREMT! That was a stress reliever. I have some many questions that i want to ask and i'm hoping that y'all can help me out! 1. After passing NREMT, what do i do next? 2. I live in San Gabriel Valley area, what company that is around here? 3. I...