nremt exam

  1. ruralEMSgirl

    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    In my state of residence, RNs (and PAs) are allowed to challenge any level of the NREMT exam, up to and including the Paramedic exam. As far as I could tell, no pre-hospital experience required. Meaning, a RN who's only prior training was nursing school and their current RN position, is allowed...
  2. T

    Failed NREMT - A 3 Times now....

    AEMT Class ended in July last year, passed my practicals in July as well. Stressing on getting this test passed before July this year so I don't have to do the practicals over again. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. Looking for resources on AEMT studying on the digital front. I...
  3. FirstResponder

    Diary of the NREMT

    I just want to leave this topic wide open... What are some of your thoughts and opinions (maybe even nightmares) regarding the NREMT? Anything and everything about it. What's good, what's bad, what needs improvement?
  4. K

    Failed nremt twice!!! Need advice

    hi everyone, So I unfortunately have now failed my Nremt twice now:( I want to become an emt more than anything but my test taking skills are getting in the way. I passed my practicals because I am much more of a hands on person. However I’m so close and just need more study tips to finally...
  5. S

    EMT-B Recertification

    I want to renew my nation registry certification before it expires next March (I'm a full-time biology student and would prefer doing it over this summer when I have more time). Does anyone know if I can recertify this early? Also (for someone living in MD), can I recertify by retaking the...
  6. N

    Second Attempt at the NREMT..

    Hey all, Finished up my EMT-B class in December with above passing grades. Passed my MA state practical with flying colors and had my first attempt at the NREMT Exam in January which I didn’t do terribly on but still failed. Just had my retest Wednesday, got my results this morning and failed...
  7. Gustavo

    Best study guide book for the NREMT TEST?

    Just passed my EMT course and now it's time to study for the NREMT,what's the best book to study from? Besides re reading my EMT course book.
  8. C

    Paramedic Psychomotor Exam

    So I took my third attempt at passing my psychomotor exam yesterday, and failed. Now I have to take remediation and try at all 12 skills. And the worst part is, I failed the basic skill, 3 times... it was one of the first skills I did on my initial test and I threw it off as nervousness, and...
  9. W

    TAKING NREMT COGNITIVE TEST and moving to another state.

    Hi, I'm ivan and i finished my emt course already. I also took the National skills test last thursday held at our school. However, since i'm a senior and will be moving out in a week(graduation). I haven't yet took the Cognitive test i'm wondering if i should take it now here in Minnesota, but...
  10. bcemr

    NREMT Paramedic Questions

    Hey all, I have a few questions that I was hoping you may be able to assist me with. I am going to be writing my Paramedic soon in TX. The part that I am most unsure about is the Psychomotor because my training was in Canada and I am sure there are differences in expectations and training...