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  1. KhukuriLord

    Special Event EMT positions in Los Angeles Area?

    Howdy, as the title states, am looking for companies that do special event EMS in the LA County/surrounding area. I know Joffe does some stuff and I think AMR does, but not sure about any other companies to be honest besides McCormick.
  2. J

    McCormick/Care/AMR LA county

    Hi I'm playing a game... and I have created the McCormick/AMR/Care ambulance stations in LA county. But I dont know exactly how many units are on duty in each station. Could you help me please ? Thanks PS: if the category is not appropriate, sorry and feel free to move the thread!
  3. KhukuriLord

    Job for new EMT in SoCal in San Fernando Valley Area?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum. Like the title says, I'm a new EMT and I was wondering what places are the best to apply to as a new EMT? I'm located near the valley so I'd like to look for a job there but I'm open to Ventura County and jobs closer to LA as well. Thanks!
  4. R

    Rescue One Ambulance

    Rescue One Ambulance located in Paramount, CA is currently hiring full time and part time EMT drivers. We are looking to fill positions immediately! If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested, please email our office manager at jaxb.roa@gmail.com for more details.
  5. P

    Schaefer Ambulance Service

    Another one bites the dust.
  6. N

    LA County DHS Ambulance

    Hello, I'm trying to find more info on this ambulance job. I found the job posted on governmentjobs.com. It says it's IFT. Does anyone work here or has worked here? Any info would be great. Thank you so much!
  7. J

    NY Medic looking for CA job

    Hey all I'm a medic raised and trained in the greater NYC area. I've worked in the Hudson Valley and Long Island, trained along FDNY on my field rotations. I recently moved to Pasadena and accidentally got myself hired by an international remote care company at the same time about a year ago...
  8. TheComebacKid

    Part Time EMT jobs in San Fernando Valley, CA

    Hello everyone, I am currently attending UCLAs Full Time May Paramedic Program. Before UCLA, I was working at McCormick Ambulance full time at a 24 hour station. I would have gone part time at McCormick, but they did not have Saturday/Sunday slots that I wanted. Now that I am in school, I have...
  9. N

    New EMT working for IFT Company

    Hi everyone! I'm a new EMT in SoCal, and I'll be starting my first job with a company that runs IFTs in the Valley. (This seemed to be the most flexible option for me while I'm still in school) I wanted to know if anyone had any helpful tips/advice they could offer about starting out in the...
  10. H

    NEMT vs EMT transportation

    Just a heads up for all EMT's or students out there looking for a NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) gig, Healthtrans in paramount is hiring now. No EMT license needed, just first aid CPR card. Still working with patients and gurney's o=in IFT setting and experience in working with a...
  11. M

    McCormick Ambulance Test

    Hi, I'm completely new to EMS and I just got my EMT license in August. I successfully completed an application to McCormick Ambulance Company in the Los Angeles Region, and they want me in for testing within five days. My problem is I'm a puny 18 year old female, 116 Ibs. I just found out...
  12. ChristianAshleyEMT


    Well, I recently graduated EMT school and have done every prerequisite imaginable that baselines most of what the average company is asking for. Now that I've done all of that I was hoping somebody could suggest some companies in the SoCal Los Angeles/Orange Counties that have 9/11 contracts?
  13. G

    Care Hiring process??

    Hello y'all, I am looking into applying to Care in the OC. I just wanted to know if you guys can help me out and let me know how the hiring process is for Care? and what should I expect. Thanks!!
  14. L

    Lifeline Ambulance now hiring EMTs + $1000 sign on bonus

    LifeLine Ambulance is hiring full and part time EMT's for all LA and OC locations. We are offering a $1000 sign on bonus if you attend orientation by January 10, 2016. Walk in interviews will begin conducted on Tuesday, December 15 from 10am-1pm at our Santa Ana location: 260 E Alton Ave...
  15. G

    Will my CA ambulance driver's certificate be rejected?

    Hi everyone i'm new here and this is my first post so sorry if this in the wrong section. Anyways i need help. So i am gonna apply for my ambulance cert., but i got 2 infractions one for failing to yield to a pedestrian and another for only driving with a permit. Will the DMV use this against me?