1. Kavsuvb

    I just don't know what to make out of this research study

  2. T

    Narcan and pulseless electrical activity

    Question about whether or not to use Narcan in this situation: 911 call was made with a person stating their friend overdosed. Dispatcher tells EMS that there is an "unconscious" person on the scene. EMS arrived on the scene in a known drug area and see an unresponsive male on the ground with a...
  3. frdude1000

    ISO EMS Supplies for Honduras

    Hi All!! I am traveling to a rural town in Honduras this summer to train a group of community health workers in CPR and First Aid. The goal is to form a small emergency medical response team for the community. I have acquired a refurbished LifePak 500 AED and some supplies, but could use any old...
  4. andiecuiffo

    In need of old First Aid Equipment

    Hi all! My name is Andie Cuiffo and I'm a NR-AEMT living in NY, as well as an ocean lifeguard and officer for International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA). Every year I travel to Indonesia with ISLA and teach lifesaving and basic first aid, as Indonesia has little to no prehospital care or...
  5. Mya

    Choking pt becomes unconscious...inserting an airway?

    I recently took a BLS CPR class to renew my cert and the instructor told us that after some time if the patient has no chest rise and fall and the object is still there, that ALS will insert an advanced airway and just push the object into the lungs. 1. If there's no ALS (I'm an EMT) do we just...
  6. S

    BLS CPR/AED Recertification

    My CPR cert expires in a few months but I really want to get the recertification knocked out ASAP before school starts back up for me. The company I work for says they don't have any recertification classes right now but suggested searching the internet (which didn't help me). Any ideas on how I...
  7. C

    Hit and run ....?...cpr...?

    Im Curious on what to do when you respond to a call for a hit and run. What do you for your pt? If the pt is unconscious and not breathing properly (or not breathing at all) and is bleeding profusely with deformities to the body what do you do first in the assessment .
  8. Z

    Design student looking for input from professionals!

    Hello! I'm an industrial design student currently focusing on medical design. I am working on redesigning and AED machine and coming up with a CPR assist device. I would really like to learn about what kind of experiences you've had performing CPR and using AED. It would really help me out a...
  9. BLSSam

    Brady EMS 12th edition makes me question my training

    I recently moved states and have begun the arduous reciprocity process. I found out I have to take the NREMT cognitive portion so I've been doing a bit of review just to make sure I'm all up to date. In my review I encountered this lovely question (question 18) where they seem to be saying if...
  10. Mya

    Teaching CPR without being certified

    When I was getting a physical, the PA offered to have me teach their CPR classes, and they give certified cards, but I am not certified to teach, so can I still actually teach their classes? I wouldn't know if my name would be on their card, or the PA's. They actually told me it's fine, but I...
  11. C

    CPR: Alternative Techniques for Chest Compressions?

    We all know how to do proper CPR (hopefully), I am posting this thread to ask for feedback on a special circumstance: A provider or bystander needs to modify his or her compressions due to a wrist or hand injury. I recently suffered a Boxers Fracture to my right hand (compression fracture of...
  12. Z

    First Full arrest

    So after working stand by at an event this weekend, I got my first cardiac arrest. It came out of no where, and turned to be a very stressful call. I understand why now in EMT class they stress CPR so much, but I'm noticing that a lot of students don't take it seriously. Everyone has a mentality...
  13. wanderingmedic

    AHA vs ARC vs ECSI vs ASHI Instructor

    What are everyone's thoughts on the American Heart Association (AHA), American Red Cross (ARC), Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI), the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI)? I am currently an American Heart Association BLS and ACLS instructor, and am looking to teach Wilderness...