1. Kavsuvb

    Why Connecticut EMS is at the breaking point

    EMS statewide is strained almost to the breaking point. This is one of several recent articles describing the issue. The clickable data is informative. Did you know that ambulances are not considered an essential service in CT? Connecticut is near the bottom of the country in investing in EMS...
  2. Kavsuvb

    Another reason why Vol EMS is dying in Connecticut

    Here's the article from NBC Connecticut
  3. Kavsuvb

    First responder community mourning following death of Salem EMT
  4. Kavsuvb

    Westport EMS sees influx in calls, decrease in volunteers

    Here's the problem I see, Inflation and recession is making it harder for people to justify volunteering. Look at the price of Gas these days to respond from home and even responding to the station. I think the best solution is to allow High school Juniors and Seniors to go on calls. Even allow...
  5. Kavsuvb

    Here's what CT wants to do for EMS
  6. Kavsuvb

    EMS Deserts in Connecticut

    Is there such thing as EMS Desert? I saw this article on NBC Connecticut.
  7. Kavsuvb

    EMT Shortage is hitting hard in CT

    Looks like EMT shortage is hitting hard in the state of CT. Many Vol EMS depts are resorting to paid providers or hospital based providers.
  8. CaliforniaBoy92

    911 Dispatch EMT Work In NYC or Surrounding Counties

    Hi Everyone, I'm from Los Angeles and am interested in doing 911 Dispatch EMT work in NYC or the surrounding counties (especially Westchester), and I feel completely lost. I would love it if you could provide some helpful advice on which companies do 911, how I can make myself competitive, or...
  9. EpiEMS

    (NEW) CT Statewide Protocols

    My fellow CT and tri-state area providers! Have any of you been made aware of the timeframe for the implementation of the CT statewide protocols? Additionally, given that the new protocols mention the 2007 AEMT scopes, has anybody heard anything new (since the April 2015 memo) about the CT...