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    Alaska Paramedic Job?

    As a general FYI, there's almost no housing available in Barrow at the moment. I was speaking with 2 good friends who are still living/working there last week; both said since Shell Oil came to town for work the housing has gone from tight to nil, and the costs from bad to outrageous. As an...
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    EMT-B Jobs or Volunteer Positions - Pierce County, WA

    Just passing on what I was told. 2 now work for other companies and the third is out of EMS all together.
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    EMT-B Jobs or Volunteer Positions - Pierce County, WA

    Seems par for the course (based on my experience with TriMed). One of the local guys in my EMT course was hired by them within a week. I called them back 3 times after dropping off all the required paperwork; the last time I called (6 months after the fact), the woman who answered the phone...
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    Princess Cruises?

    ETA- I see it's posted on that page I linked as Option 2.
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    Princess Cruises?

    Jaysonsd- I did a slight variation of this tour last winter, it was a screaming deal.
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    As a medic was giving dispatch an update on a train v. ped, you could hear someone in the background (I hope non-intentionally) say "Where's the rest of him?".
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    the 100% directionless thread thousand times NO!
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    the 100% directionless thread

    It's kind of weird to walk into your FD and find an aid rig where none existed before, and no one said anything to you about it...Fricking voodoo. Quick, someone magic me up a helicopter! And a new engine! And some coffee! (and a pony)
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    Hard finding an EMT job in Seattle

    I did my WEMT via RMI as well. Just a few points: The majority of folks in my class who were planning on utilizing the wilderness portion and/or the MPIC skillset were already in a specific field where that training came into play, i.e. backcountry NPS rangers, oceangoing research vessel...
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    Whats the fastest you ambulance can go?

    Fake. Lights and sirens? Check. Ludicrous, even plaid speed? Check. No backboard visible? Fails the smell test.
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    What kind of EMS jobs are available on the ocean?

    One of our local seafood companies has continuous slots for medics on their trawlers and processors, minimum 5 years experience...According to their website, they also manage the ship's store (?). Maybe research vessels? One of the women in my EMT class was sent by her university, mostly for...
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    Funny Army Story

    I distinctly recall mine saying "You don't want this option 40 business! You should try to become a military policeman!" :rofl:
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    First call as EMT-B

    Lol thanks... I had to interview a lot of kids in my former work (especially on SRO duties).
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    Why Are You an EMT?

    Oh, don't get me wrong; I loved being a cop. I got to do a lot of fun things, including being a school resource officer and DARE instructor, running fast and shooting things. It just got to the point where I saw myself exhibiting the same symptoms of burnout I saw in older guys, and wanted to...
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    Why Are You an EMT?

    Nah, but in all seriousness...I began recognizing s/s of burnout in myself while I was working as a cop, so I quit and went into private contracting. After more than a few years of that, I saw myself heading down the same path again. In the back of my mind, I'd always been interested in EMS...