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    Grand Inquisition

    This has been fun to read! LOL at the questions about things like the Oreos. LOL.
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    DOH Im a moron

    Oh, nice. What'd he do?
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    DOH Im a moron

    It happens. I've done it. I did it once when a kid jumped off the couch, and landed face first on the hearth, almost completely ripping out a tooth. There was just so much BLOOD. And yes, somebody in the house called 911. He was out for a moment, and then the blood... gah. I'll just plead to...
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    Being an EMT is scary!

    Well, you know, I have to say that having something in theory and then in practice - it's different. It's new. If you've not worked in the medical field before, then this IS a new and scary experience. It can be overwhelming. And you know what? That's okay. It's okay to give yourself time to get...
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    There's a what in your what?

    Speak not of the horrid little beastie called the tick. And great, now I have all sorts of things to be paranoid about next time we go camping! Between my spider bite, our tick experience this year, and now your tick story, I think I'll just swath us all in netting and call it good.
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    There's a what in your what?

    That was a sincerely big bug. Made me want to sleep with earmuffs on lol.
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    Dear me. Glad I hit this section, I've gotten a few much needed laughs out of it!
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    Funny signs

    LOL! that one above really made me laugh.
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    Don't look now, but....

    Happy Birthday, Erin! Hope you had a good day!
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    Fruit of my labor

    Very nice!
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    LOL I really have to work that into a conversation sometime this week.
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    Delivered my first baby....In the jail

    Oh dear! Yeah, that's some serious 'splainin to do right there!
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    There's a what in your what?

    Was that the one where it was a waitress, and she was going ballistic with the junebug in her ear? (hey, what can I say, I couldn't sleep and that was all that was on!)
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    Exercise Induced Anaphylaxsis

    Interesting! Thanks for posting that.