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    Continuing Education and Refresher courses for EMT-B Recertification

    Not necessarily. You need so-many practicals and certain in person, gotta have's. The NR makes it pretty clear on its renewal material. The renewal application/CE documentation for states and NR all read fairly clear. N'joy:)
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    Continuing Education and Refresher courses for EMT-B Recertification

    2.0 hours under medical emergencies whether you meet them via refresher or CE. Refresher is a fancy way of saying you got all of your CE's in one organized program.
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    Partner got mad at me. Was I wrong?

    You're partner has some personal reasons for not wanting to give a hoot but, that isn't your problem. You do the right (albiet, a choice) thing and let him be the ars!
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    First, EMT related Job Offer(advice needed)???

    Do whatever you bwant to do. The casino won't be a whole lot better stress wise, just different.
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    Best end of shift ever!!!!!

    Too funny :lol::lol::lol: Poor guy.
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    More Detroit EMS problems

    Detroit EMS isn't exclusive to this kind of employee abuse in the Detroit area. I highly suspect it may be more common than anyone realizes and certainly not limited to Detroit. For instance; I watched/heard, not only dispatch, but also a key manager, refuse to protect EMT's in at least 2...
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    are we doing our future students a disservice?

    Students seriously need more time to mature today. I'm all for adding requirements related to trade education, and for social reasons. Today's kids are not developing socially or professionally as they should. Manners, social skills, civil responsibility; these are all but missing in...
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    What does your EMT/Medic card look like?

    That is correct...nothing like providing a clear copy to a stranger, eh?
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    The uncoupling of Fire and EMS

    More than a decade ago, EMS folks were waging bets on just how long this whole fire based, advanced life support gig would last before evidence proved what a financial loss it is. Local bets gave it about 7 years. We figured about 7 years and cities everywhere would be seeking respite from the...
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    EMT Student in the SF Bay

    EMT student in SF Bay??? Quick, somebody toss a rope! :) Welcome and hope you got the answers you were looking for so far.
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    Things you would like to do to your rig but would never get away with

    Did a few modifications to our trucks via, leg hangin out the side door with flashing red eyes in the rear windows for Halloween, Christmas lights and disco ball for New Years....oh, and the hawaiian theme was cool too. A crew bimped their fender so, I put a 2 foot bandaid over it, which didn't...
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    are we doing our future students a disservice?

    It is this way for an awful lot of professions these days. Sad as it is, if colleges stop producing, there will be a shortage before we know it. Education is like any other business. They are there to provide a service to anyone willing to pay the cost, despite any immediate need. I know a lot...
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    I need to hire an EMT for a 1 day event

    Local EMS should have no problem senidng a one man crew. I've done stand-by at dozens of race events. They're pretty common around here. If all you need is a trained first aider, anyone with training and a license/insurance can provide sufficient bandaid service.
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    unconscious patients and stairs

    Yes....easiest answer all day:)
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    unconscious patients and stairs

    Pole stretchers...