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    Salary Keeping Pace with Inflation?

    Did you receive a big pay bump this year to keep pace with inflation? I received a few retention bonuses (about 8% of my salary), but not much in the way of long-term salary increases.
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    Accepted to RN bridge!

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    Fav down time spots

    I used to work the midnight shift and spent the nights in a Type II vanbulance. Church parking lots, massive parking lots behind business offices, and fire station parking lots.
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    Will my age or medical deny being emt in Texas

    It depends what mean your diabetes is "pretty under control?" Had many colleagues with diabetes. Some had insulin pumps. They did fine. Good luck!
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    It sounds like you have a plan. If you lack confidence, spend time shadowing a Paramedic or someone at your level where you can learn from others and improve your skills and decision making. I don’t believe re-taking the course at the same institution is going to help as much as you hope...
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    Is there a place someone can train a new EMT to drive a ambulance outside of a company?

    I concur with everyone else about renting a box truck from U-Haul, Penske, or Home Depot. While I’ve never had an accident in one, and usually decline all extra insurance offerings, you might want to sign up for every insurance offered. Practice on the highway, major streets, and side roads...
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    Is there anything else I can do?
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    Medical alert activation WWYD?

    Had this happen a few months ago. Colleague didn’t show up for work, 911 called for a welfare check but no response at door so PD didn’t make entry. Person was unconscious and only found after we were able to track down family to make entry. Patient care was delayed 6+ hours.
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    Nurse or Medic?

    I say both. I’d go the nursing route while staying on the rig as an EMT for now. Then, go back for your paramedic after becoming a nurse.
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    How many hours a week?

    What do you like about it?
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    Scenerio 3

    Lots of cryptic responses and non-answers in this thread. I remember as an EMT requesting an ALS unit for a patient with a low BP and weak pulse. As I rode along with the Paramedic he was quizzing me, and I don’t think I got a single question right. Every situation is a learning experience...
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    Scenerio 3

    It seems like a lot of people are replying that you probably should have put the patient on oxygen.
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    what is the next step ?

    Since you're beyond the two year limit for passing the NREMT, you'd need to take the entire course again. Good luck!
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    Where is the money in private EMS?

    I visited an ambulance outfitter's facebook page and noticed post after post of deliveries to newly formed ambulance services. Where is the big money in private EMS? I can't think of anyone, from EMT to CEO in private EMS that are making bank. Am I missing something?
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    How many hours a week?

    How many hours do you work in a typical work week? What is your position? Trying to figure out if it's possible to pay the bills working the roads with a 40 hour work week.