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  • Just looking through my old personal messages. Thanks again for the website creation tips. If I didn't mention it before, the CERT mangement (local FD) decided to go with their own IT people and make it sort of a "secret squirrel" site. Thanks again, and to your co-conspirators also!(;)>>>
    Any advice help or good mojo for our local firefighter who will be setting up the local CERT website? She is looking for something a little like the CERT LA page only with vital signs. I am not sure if software hosting or whatever has been selected, but I know the webpages have not yet been devised.
    Roger "mycrofft" Delight,RN
    Okay Matt, I have been here going on 4 years now and you have had the same picture up! If I can put my "window licker" (okay its a wall... but whatever) picture up for everyone, can you please get an UTD one for all of us to admire....
    Cheers Matt.
    I know.... you guys have been awesome!
    I would have gone nuts by now, if I didn't have such a caring EMTLife support chain to cling too!
    Thanks! Joy
    Hi Mmiz
    I've just added a TV clip to the thread I did on LQTS.
    Hope that's OK!!
    It aired last night on TV...I bawled the whole way through it...still coming to grips with my brother's lose!
    Hope all is well with you!

    Cheers Joy
    Hi Mmiz

    How are you?
    Was that server playing up again yesterday?
    Take care!
    Cheers Joy
    Did you still want to have a DT4EMS section? I could start emailing you articles and video clips to put into it.
    I am trying to be a little more active :) Heck even my site gets fewer visits from me :p
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