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Mar 26, 2017 at 2:15 PM
Jul 3, 2005
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Forum Deputy Chief, from Florida/Afghanistan

akflightmedic was last seen:
Mar 26, 2017 at 2:15 PM
    1. ROD24

      Sorry for the really late response. How should I send the resume to you?

    2. adam c
      adam c
      Hey AK, need some advice - Im British military (reserve) who is also NREMT-P and im struggling to get work abroad. It seems to be more who you know rather than what - and I mustn't know the right people. Any advice about who to contact or how to be make myself more employable would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!
    3. firetender
      Heya, Handsome!

      Please make note of a post I'm entering now. As you may be aware, Ecuador suffered a 7.8 earthquake and it looks really bad; it leveled a town of 50,000 people (Pedernales). I'm soliciting for ideas/help/mobilization stuff right up your alley. I'm sending a shout out to everyone I can. The details are in the post. Please let me know if you're interested.
    4. CleopasG
      Hi just found this page ,hope y'all good
    5. TooTallMedic
      Hey AK I am fairly new to the forum but you seem to be the person to get in touch with about contract positions. Currently going through the process with HMC for Qatar but have been seeing a lot of guys on the forum who have either been involuntarily dropped or are dropping because of the process. If you have any spare time I would be interested in talking with you more. zmiller722@gmail.com thanks!
      1. CleopasG likes this.
    6. CBP
      Interested in Liberia, Can leave in 2 weeks. Info to dlhunzi@comcast.net Thanks
    7. mycrofft
      Happy T'giving and hoping the TMH people are safe or home.
    8. EMT11KDL
      Hey AK, you still in Florida? what area? I am looking at moving from Idaho down to the South, but I want to be within a few hour drive of Fort Walton Beach. Is there agencies that I should try to avoid? Hope all is well.
    9. ToPofTheGame
      Interesting... Send info to emergencyeducator@live and I will forward ph#, 15 year Paramedic,CCP, MICP,hazmat specialist w/ verifiable credentials and several legit deployments...
    10. brokemedic
      Hey, I'm interested in going over to Liberia. Email me @ jbjones707@gmail.com . I can ship out with a couple weeks notice anytime. I can do up to a few months, but can always rearrange life/work priorities. Let me know what else you need, and also who you're working with. No worries on excess info if you don’t have it, that all shakes itself out eventually.

    11. actiondaniel
      And, reread your post. Is that 3 years experience as a medic, or simply EMS?
    12. actiondaniel
      Hi, saw the post on Liberia. I'm a new medic, just getting my first job as a practicing medic. How much experience do these gigs you come up with want? I would dig following your posts and hooking up as soon as I have enough of what it takes to go. Ebola, well, I'm into it. Infectious disease is amazing, if frightening.
    13. mycrofft
      Ever find the ejection seatr article? The thread came alive again.
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