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    fisdap study tools

    Fisdap is awesome. Keep on studying with it and you'll do great. All the medics I know who studied with it passed the schooling and got their license. Good luck!
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    Pffft. Not washing my hands adds flavour to my food and makes my immune system stronger. In all seriousness though, keep em clean boys. We touch gross stuff. And wipe down the steering wheel and door handles at the start of each shift. Not a lot of people do that.
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    Am I getting fired?

    Like DesertMedic said, it all depends on your company. I'm pretty new as well, and I struggled with B & C the most. My situational awareness was poor at first, but its something you'll get better with in time. If you get a chance to do it over again, you'll have to prioritize to remember all the...
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    The absolute begining.

    I can't say anything different than what everyone else is saying, but I'd still like to add my two cents. Ironman watches are awesome and relatively cheap in the grand scale of watch costs. If it gets gross you can wash it off. Its water resistant; if it gets blood on it, no big deal, just clean...
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    AMR Riverside

    I work in Hemet, which is in Riverside County; also nearby Riverside. As BASICallyEMT said, you'll need to work at least three shifts a month. You'll have your choice of whatever shifts are open, so ALS or BLS. If you went on full time you'd be working 4 days one week, 3 days the next, with...
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    Care Ambulance

    I don't work for Care, nor do I live in any of those areas, but I have done a large number of ride-alongs with LA County Fire in Baldwin Park. First off, Baldwin Park isn't exactly the nicest area. Which means you'll be getting some great calls if you work ALS. I went on a few stabbings/ gsw's...
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    Yeah, feel free to pm me.

    Yeah, feel free to pm me.
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    Too young to work, any advice?

    That must be a regional thing. I see a handful of 18-20 year old guys working as basics, myself included. You might be able to find something an hour or so away perhaps. It'll be a commute, since none of the areas immediately around you will take you, but it might be worth seeing whats out...
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    Exercises for a Beginner

    I'm new to EMS as well as working out. On my first shift, I came to the sudden realization that I'm not as physically fit as I need to be in order to lift up patients that are on the larger side. Which just so happened to be most of them. Basically, I have no upper body strength and I'm looking...
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    Anything you wish you knew before starting Field Training?

    I appreciated all the advice guys, the first shift went swimmingly!
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    Anything you wish you knew before starting Field Training?

    Its 911. My first shift is at night as well. Not sure if that's makes it more or less difficult than the day. No traffic should be nice though. I've been studying maps all day, thank you!
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    Anything you wish you knew before starting Field Training?

    I'll be getting my FTO assigned to me here shortly and I wanted to know if there was any advice you guys could give me that might not be to obvious; or anything you would have done differently. As of right now, I'm just going into it with an open mind and a few hours of studying my response...
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    How much did you spend on education?

    Around $500 (Education, uniform, gear for class, etc). I'm an EMT-B. You gotta figure its wayyyy easier to teach EMT than it is paramedic or anything else. I'd say $500 is reasonable.
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    I can't speak about what a SanFran interview is like, but about a month or two ago I interviewed with AMR Hemet (Southern California) and I was hired. Hopefully the tests are similar throughout CA and this'll help you out. The skills testing should be relatively easy as long as you study your...
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    EMT-B Student needs Help!

    I wrote this in another post, but I used "Fisdap". Absolutely worth the money for the practice NR tests alone, and all the other stuff makes it great too. Check it out, its not too expensive either. Good luck!