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    how many medics intermediates

    B for a few more months, then I.... then a year till P, then.... A DRINK :P !
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    my arrest yesterday

    We just learned about ventricular standstill in class last week. Bet it was pretty crazy to see!
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    Things you should not do at work!

    raise your hand if you're guilty of this!! <---- raises hand. [/b] <--- Both hands raised, saying "ooh ooh ooh me me me!" :rolleyes: Great list btw!!!!
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    Happy Birthday Matt!

    HAPPY B-DAY! drink lots! :P (if you put a pay pal link on this thing i'd buy you a shot!)
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    Great EMS Songs

    Totally not ems related at all, but Somebody Told Me by The Killers was playing the other day as we were running hot to a call... it was pretty kick a$$ - the song goes well with the siren! :P It was wierd... put me in the best mood!
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    Volunteer Squads

    As far as having the entire dept standing around on a BS call... It happens (but they are quickly sent on their way by the officer in command). But its also happend when initial call has come in for a 1 car accident unknown injury but onscene we find car vs tanker. Then you're happy to have...
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    How's Class?

    Just got my grades!!! First semester of I class is over with a short 3 month minimester to go. First semester of A&P down too. If all goes as planned I should start P classes in August along with my last few gen-eds for the Associates in EMS degree. I got B's across the boards this...
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    I'm Curious...

    22 years old. DOB 10/8/82 B)
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    Woman jailed after calling 911 about pizza man

    Awww.... that nutterbutter is someone's grandma! still funny tho :blink: :lol: ....
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    When do you call for a lift assist?

    I dont think I've ever been on a call with a shortage of FF's or EMT's standing around. Like I just posted in the volunteer thread, we all have pagers- when the tones drop everyone and their uncle comes running. Usually the extra people are good about staying outside/in the rigs unless needed...
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    Volunteer Squads

    Our dept is volly fire & EMS. We all carry pagers and most respond to the station. A few of us (myself included) live either on the outskirts of the district, or slightly out of district - we usually respond directly to the scene. The rule of thumb is that if you have to drive by a scene to...
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    How Many Forum Members Does It Take?

    hehe... thats me... oh. i think i just did it again! :P
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    We dont only take care of humans

    I posted this a while back in the "Say What???" thread: Dispatch: This is METCOM paging xnxx, E-xxx, E-xxx, Tankerxxx, Rescuexxx, BrushTruckxxx. You are needed to respond to xxx ___ street for a report of a cow that has fallen into a pool. (long pause open mic) the cow is drowning. Only...
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    this night rated -10 on a 1 to 10 scale

    Late as usual, but just wanted to say you're in my thoughts and prayers.
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    How's Class?

    If I remember correctly, there were several of us starting class in Jan. Just curious how the semester went for everyone, how long you have left etc.