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    Woman laying on ground at festival

    No, it was nothing like that. I wanted to make sure that she didnt need 911. I guess I was thinking too much again.
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    Woman laying on ground at festival

    Ive always been a person to run to people who needed help, even as a kid. That was just a bit fuzzy to me. I just have to remind myself to leave well enough alone. Im learning. Please be patient with me. :(
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    Woman laying on ground at festival

    Hey guys- a woman 65-ish is laying down in the shade in a weird spot, like between two jumpy houses. Peole are there: shes talking, able to sit upright when requested, no complaints of pain or dizziness- a lay person ran off and got water and ice, all the mean time she is saying "im fine, im...
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    Lower back exercises

    Yoga is very good exercise too and stretches the muscles for optimum flexibility.
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    I GOT N INTERVIEW!!! Its over the phone since they are in another state (new to ours) but I got an interview!!!!!
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    States that do not recognize NREMT

    i just got back from WY where my parent live. I have wanted to volunteer for Cheyenne Frontier Days- but WY is one if the few states that doesnt recognize the NREMT. Well a couple days ago I fot to talking to some EMTs and they said that in a couple months they will start recognizing it. So now...
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    Tattoo Hatred

    In our employment application we had to sign a form (electronically) that we understood that if hired we must not have any visible tattoos at all.(for the record, Im still in the applicatin waiting stage)
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    Can I still become an EMT?

    In order for employers to respect the religion discrimination act, they have to respect that.
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    Can I still be an EMT?

    If you have it under control you can talk to your Dr and have them write a letter. I had to do that. But, yes, you can still become an EMT
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    Official Volunteer EMT

    I live in an excrutiatingly sparse and poor state. a lot of areas- volunteer is all they have.
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    Official Volunteer EMT

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    Official Volunteer EMT

    I have been inbolved with many. Volunteer organizations the past 10 years. I grew up in a family who works in a on-profit, and my minor for my BA was Non Profit Administration ;)
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    Official Volunteer EMT

    Thank you guys. I think I am more excited about this than getting a paycheck. Makes it seem more "right" you know?
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    Official Volunteer EMT

    I got the volunteer position! I am actually very excited about it! Volunteering and comminity service has always been incredibly important to me and volunteer EMS is a dying art- maybe this is the way to go. That will keep me busy while waiting for the paying job, eh?
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    Nervous- still havent heard application

    The only other places I can apply is at volunteer positions which I have an interview tonight. The closest other paying service is an hour away, which isnt feasable with South Dakota winters. So I will be volunteer for a while if I dont get this job and apply again later.