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Nice side topic for sure. I was always curious my entire career, so I used to inquire when I returned to the ER, or I would try and speak to the RNs I knew to get updates. Some made it easy, and some made it far more difficult than it should have been. I always tried to convey that it was great for ME, to become a better provider. Was I chasing the right diagnosis, could I have done anything differently? Was anything else found? It used to irk the hell out of me when they would stonewall and treat me as if I were not part of the treatment team.

As an ER nurse now, when crews come back, I always try to give them updates on their patients. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times they were absolutely shocked at the updates. This is not a dis on the EMS crew, however so many times they under present a complaint or concern.

I enjoy giving them updates as an educational adventure as opposed to shaming them for missing things or not understanding exactly what they were seeing. Most have been very receptive everywhere I have gone, and I find they start to seek me out to ask more questions on their own. I strongly feel this loop closure is vital and it is something both the service and facility are missing out on.

I know most facilities could not fund a full time EMS liaison nurse or medic; however, I do wish it eventually becomes a standard.
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I've worked with some people and systems over the years that provided hospital diagnoses and dispositions to EMS. It can be tricky to compare that data to prehospital care, but there were certainly opportunities for QA/QI.