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PTSD and Paramedic Research

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by TheScientist, May 11, 2017.

  1. TheScientist

    TheScientist Forum Ride Along

    Dear Users,

    I am currently a PhD student researching trauma and PTSD in paramedics, and ways in which we can use prior psychological training to help reduce this beforehand rather than trying to catch up afterwards with traditional therapy. The title of the study is “Self-taught cognitive resilience in paramedic workers: Is prevention as effective as treatment for trauma-related disorders?”

    The prior psychological training aims to be cost-effective and time-flexible in order to fit in with the schedules and work demands of paramedics. A prototype of this may be available for forum users here to test.

    My intention is to read participant’s posts in this forum, especially in the Mental Health section, in order to gain more first-hand experience of the area. Prior research suggests that the work stress and experience of traumatic events can lead to occupational trauma and secondary mental illness in paramedics. As part of the research I hope to obtain more information on this.

    As part of the foundation of my research I am asking any paramedics here for their input, ideas and experiences. Please feel free to talk about anything related to this area, whether it's your own personal experiences with occupational trauma, ideas as to what the psychological training may include or even criticism of the project itself (in qualitative research, any information is useful information). As part of my research I may include posts on this forum thread as qualitative data in the thesis and also in a journal article. All personal data will be kept anonymized, including usernames. Additionally if anyone creates a post and does not want this to be included in analysis or publication could you please let me know by either replying to that post, or privately messaging me through the private message feature within this forum, or by email at KBaqai@uclan.ac.uk. Posts will not be included in the study if users do not make it clear that they consent to allow this.

    The content in the following thread may contain information that triggers PTSD symptomology in those who may suffer from this. For those who do suffer from PTSD, or related disorders, caution should be taken before proceeding through the thread. Ethical approval for this study was obtained on 02/03/17 from the UCLan STEMH Ethics Committee. Permission from the forum admins was obtained on 12/04/17.
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