national registry

  1. FirstResponder

    Diary of the NREMT

    I just want to leave this topic wide open... What are some of your thoughts and opinions (maybe even nightmares) regarding the NREMT? Anything and everything about it. What's good, what's bad, what needs improvement?
  2. W

    Preparing for NR

    Hey guys! Tonight is the last day of my EMT basic course. We will get our course completion certificate and ATT for national registry. However, there is only one problem. I’m only 17. And I cannot test until I am 18. I turn 18 August 4, so I have to keep my feet wet with knowledge from today...
  3. B

    EMT Reciprocity and Applying for licensure

    I'm a new student to EMS and taking my EMT-B course through local EMS in South Carolina. I've been a little confused about reciprocity and the process of passing the National Registry and applying for a license. I've been thinking about moving soon (within the next couple years) out west and am...
  4. K

    Reciprocity in Indiana

    Hello! So, this story may be a little confusing, so just bear with me. And hopefully I am posting this in the correct thread... If not, my bad. So, I am an Ohio paramedic. I do not have NR, due to my program losing it's accreditation right before my class graduated. I have recently relocated...
  5. Bent Halligan

    The New NREMT-P Practical Assessment.

    Im about to take the new practical assessment that started this year, January. I finished medic school last year, when they weren't teaching for the integrated out of hospital scenario. Im concerned that since you only have one scenario now, that its going to be some crazy combination of all the...