1. D

    Nurse or Medic?

    Is it better to become a nurse or paramedic if you like to work on the ambulance? I have done 8 years of NYC 911 the system is different there than I have recently encountered in NJ. out of experience who can guide me in the rightful direction. I am debating on Nursing or Paramedic, I want to...
  2. F

    (NREMT-P) ALS Psychomotor Exam

    I am taking my ALS Psychomotor Exam in the next few days. I’ve passed my NREMT-P written exam already, so this is the last thing I need. Any last minute tips? I have pre-test jitters lol. Thanks in advance!


    As the test shut off at 70 questions I felt a instant oh **** moment. Scanned the the forums on here and noticed lots of people were on the same boat so I said DON'T PANIC. Anyone waiting on results? Never give up strive for greatness :cool:
  4. C

    NREMT-P APP and Websites?????

    Hello everyone. From what I am reading, JB Learning and Limmer Education’s Paramedic Pass seem to be what everyone is using and being successful. Is there any other Apps or websites that are good? What about Kaplan? Thanks everyone!!!!!
  5. R

    Do you think NREMT will deny my recertification due to 2 misdemeanor convictions?

    I was convicted of one count of misdemeanor stalking and one count of misdemeanor harassment in another state. Long story, but it involved a girl I was intimate with. I never threatened violence or physically assaulted her or anything like that. It was more so unwanted, persistent contact with...
  6. V

    2,831 Questions added to NREMT question bank in 2018 according to official annual report

    Source: The PDF is also attached below but is incorrectly labeled 2019 even though after opening it says 2018 report. Silly NREMT 😂 "In 2018, the Science and Examinations team drafted 3,896 new...
  7. D

    US to Aus, via NZ...

    Hey all, I've been lurking around and referencing this forum for few years but realized I never joined up. (Or I thought I had but none of emails are linked to a. profile... But I digress and am here now.) A couple years back, I had looked into taking my NREMT-P and heading somewhere else in...
  8. K

    Is NREMT really THAT bad?

    Here's my situation. I actually used to be an EMT. I worked for about 5 years but got burnt out and left the field in 2009. So my certification expired. But back then I did well in class, passed the practicals, the state written test, and the NREMT all on the first try. But those tests were on...
  9. Crayons

    Help NREMt stopped me at 120 questions and i missed the last question..

    this is my second attempt and im very nervous! the first time it stopped me at 78 and i failed. i felt like crap that day but the next day i was back at it with those books. i studied every day for 3 weeks and i felt very confident but sure enough that test kicked my butt. now i wait with just...
  10. C

    Getting CE Hours in Minnesota for NREMT Cert

    Hey everyone, I got my NREMT for Minnesota in June of 2017 and found out I was pregnant in May of 2017. I had hyperemesis gravidarum the entire pregnancy so I didn't do anything with my NREMT as I could barely function to make it to my appointments. Anyways, here I am with a now healthy baby...
  11. Kbandd

    Reciprocity Advice

    As the title says, I was wondering how I would be able to send a Reciprocity to another state? I am only National Registered as of right now, July 20th, 2018, I haven't contacted my State EMS Board for the State Licenses just yet. I know I have to send an application, but on the application it...
  12. B

    Fixing a Critical Fail

    Today I failed my supine spinal immobilization skill for EMT practicals. I did everything by the book except for one thing; I forgot to apply the set of straps that goes over the shoulders before securing the head. I realized my mistake less than a minute later, and verbalized that I would’ve...
  13. S

    EMT-B Recertification

    I want to renew my nation registry certification before it expires next March (I'm a full-time biology student and would prefer doing it over this summer when I have more time). Does anyone know if I can recertify this early? Also (for someone living in MD), can I recertify by retaking the...
  14. N

    NREMT Prep

    Hello, I just finished my EMT class today and want to get going on taking the NREMT. I am stuck between using or Does anyone have any preference? Any other tips?
  15. K

    EMT Written exam..... help!

    I took my EMT-B written exam December 21rst 2017. The wait to find out if I passed or failed is literally agonizing. I walked out of the exam feeling like I failed... :/ I passed my practical and passed my course with great scores... My instructor even told me that I wouldn't fail... that I am...
  16. M

    Tips for those who waited to take the NREMT at the end of the year

    Hey guys, just here give you some tips on how I passed that damn test. My story: I graduated my EMT course at the end of 2016. After that, I went straight to a 6 month Fire Academy, so I didn't really have a lot time to focus on my NREMT. After I graduated I signed up for my 1st attempt going...
  17. SkylerW785

    NREMT testing

    I was wondering about the NREMT Test in terms of my current certification in Alaska as a EMT. Is it possible to only need to take the CBT computer test? I've heard of people in other states going for the NREMT but only doing the CBT.
  18. M

    Passed EMT in May havent taken NREMT. I Need help to Study and Pass.

    I passed my course in May, and didn't take after because of money issues. I need to pass this test. Its a matter of my own confidence in the information and the information itself. I would greatly appreciate any tips to help me pass!!!
  19. FFPRN16

    2018 NREMT recertification around the corner.

    I currently hold an NREMT AEMT certification. I have never had to recertify before and I am a bit confused on how to go about it. I already have a few CE hours to go towards my recertification. My question is what is a good online website to get all my CE's that I am going to need? I am in medic...
  20. F

    Now what?....

    In August of 2015 I began the Paramedic Program at my local community make a long story short I did well in class and didn't seem to have many troubles I was scoring right along with all of the other students in my class...the end finally came and it was time to take the NREMT exam...