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Looking for new & experienced EMTs - CARE San Diego

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Care Ambulance San Diego (Care Medical Transportation, Inc.) is currently seeking full time EMTs! Great opportunity to start your medical profession and gain experience in the field providing BLS medical transportation between healthcare facilities.

Other opportunities include working with a Registered Nurse on critical care transports (CCT) and standby support at special events.

Shift lengths:
8, 10, and 16 hour shifts (fixed day, flexible).
Always paging out for second shift pickups.

Company Benefits:
- Medical Insurance (50% paid by company - current rate $72 per pay period).
- Paid Time Off (208 hours PTO annually, 24 hours SICK leave annually)

$11 per hour

When applying to CARE please have the following available for review (if you would like info regarding obtaining these documents please contact me):
• Current Drivers License
• Current San Diego County EMT Card
• Current CPR Card
• DMV print out of Motor Vehicle Record (H6)
• Current Ambulance Drivers License
(not required to be considered, however must obtain within the first 60 days of employment)
• Current Medical Examiners Certificate
(coincides with ambulance license)

Contact Information
CARE Ambulance
9770 Candida Street
San Diego, California 92126

How to Apply
Please drop by our office Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM to fill out an application. Same day interviews.
Send Resume to lpalazzo@caresandiego.com
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