san diego

  1. Tbjdragonz

    CA and SD cert with misdemeanor

    Hello, First time poster here, so hopefully I got the right forum for this, but I really need some feedback. I completed my EMT class just before summer began and obtained my NREMT license immediately after as I am eager to get started (I left my full time job as a store manager at Verizon...
  2. E

    AMR San Diego County

    I have an interview coming up with AMR in San Diego and was wondering if anyone knows what to expect and brush up on for the interview? Any information will help!
  3. E

    United Ambulance in San Diego

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had an experience with United ambulance and can tell me more about the company? I know they stated that they do a ride to hire interview and was wondering what to expect for that? Thanks!
  4. CareAmbulanceSD

    Looking for new & experienced EMTs - CARE San Diego

    Care Ambulance San Diego (Care Medical Transportation, Inc.) is currently seeking full time EMTs! Great opportunity to start your medical profession and gain experience in the field providing BLS medical transportation between healthcare facilities. Other opportunities include working with a...