1. A

    Unconscious Patients and Stair Chairs

    Hello there! I'm currently a student and my textbook says that an unconscious patient that is not on the first floor should not be transported via stair chair, but didn't necessarily explain why or what to do instead. Is it because the patient's head is not supported, and what kind of stretcher...
  2. H

    NEMT vs EMT transportation

    Just a heads up for all EMT's or students out there looking for a NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) gig, Healthtrans in paramount is hiring now. No EMT license needed, just first aid CPR card. Still working with patients and gurney's o=in IFT setting and experience in working with a...
  3. CareAmbulanceSD

    Looking for new & experienced EMTs - CARE San Diego

    Care Ambulance San Diego (Care Medical Transportation, Inc.) is currently seeking full time EMTs! Great opportunity to start your medical profession and gain experience in the field providing BLS medical transportation between healthcare facilities. Other opportunities include working with a...