Laptop For EMT training?


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I made it through a college semester with a tablet that my mom got on sale for $50. You really don't need anything fancy. For my nursing courses the school "HIGHLY" recommended an iPad bundle that came out to like $700. I got an on sale touchscreen laptop for $400 which has been more than sufficient.

Now for EMT class, which I did about six years back, I just had the textbook, a notebook, and pencils.


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Honestly the only reason I'd consider buying a laptop for any class (whether that's EMT, Paramedic, or any other college class really) would be A) I didn't already have a functioning laptop and B) they absolutely positively, will fail you if you don't have one, require you to have your own.

And unless the instructors said to bring it, I wouldn't even think of doing that, I'd just use the book and notepaper, and actually have to pay attention to what the instructor is saying.

Then again, maybe at 30 I'm just getting old lol


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Sidenote... when I brought my laptop a couple times to paramedic school I just ended up looking at guns and gun parts instead of listening to lectures... all the other times I used "old skool" pen and paper.
That's why I don't like students using laptops in class... they just that, and then complain when they do poorly on the exams or during practical evaluations. Suffice it to say, when you don't pay attention in class, and then fail the exams, my level of sympathy drops significantly.

The biggest issue I have with the MacBook Pro is the cost. Many people love the MBP, say it's much better than a windows laptop, because it's faster, brighter, etc. Of course, they are usually comparing it to a windows PC that costs less than $500, so of course a $1500 will blow it out of the water .... Now if you buy a $1,500 windows PC, it will blow the MAC out of the water, especially when you factor in all the compatibility issues that you don't have, compared to having a MAC.

I have an iPad 2 which is about 8 years old, which I take to conferences and in class. No internet unless wifi, nothing fancy. I take notes, and when I am done, I can transfer to my PC or email them to my self. and It syncs to my windows PC with no issues (well, other than itunes is a horribly bloated application, but I digress...)

I've had my laptop for 8+ years, and the only thing I needed to replace, due to a failure, was the battery, which is completely normal. And if you drop any laptop, you can break it. I currently dual boot my laptop between windows and linux, simply because my laptop is getting older and linux runs coolers than windows (but Itunes doesn't run on linux, and I'm too lazy to set up a windows VM using wine in linux).

One thing to keep in mind: a tablet doesn't replace a computer. you can do many things like a computer, but for actual work, an actual computer has more power, more storage abilities, and can function independently without a network connection for longer. I'll play with my tablet, but when I need to do real work, like write a paper or do research, give me a real mouse and keyboard any time.
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Personally I’ve used google docs for the past 5 years so I’m going with a basic $200 Chromebook.
Also allows me to keep track off all my assignments on Google calender! Good luck!