Dispatchers Say the Darndest Things...


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So what was it?

Trust you Sasha LOL

It was actually a legitimate call. The object was a dislodged kidney stent that was working it's way out of the lady's urethra, causing ureter, bladder and urethra spasms and 8/10 pelvic pain, not to mention urinary incontinence. She had had surgery for kidney stones a week and a half earlier.

Transported the patient in a position of comfort, treated with Zofran and morphine.
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Our communications center paged out an ambulance service that is 120 miles from us at 3am. We hear all pages for the services that come from the comm center. They asked LVAS to respond to a 50 yoa chest pain at a Basin Creek Campground. A few minutes later our dispatcher toned us to that call!! I LL the dispatcher and asked her if someone had called her and she told me no. I advised her that the comm center was toning LVAS! She said are you sure-they asked if anyone else was responding and when no one answered I thought I had better tone it out!! I was soooo tempted in the beginning to just call in that I was responding and ask for directions to the scene and the call back number! She would not have been able to give me any info since she did not have it! It was not even her call! Is my scene safe when she is dispatching??? NOT:sad: