CARE Ambulance - Orange County, CA Testing


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Granted. I'm more curious for their actual ALS runs. McCormick medics pretty much operate as BLS on 911. They don't run many IFT calls from my understanding either. However does Care(Falck) IFT allow medics to operate within their scope? Like,start iv's the very least no mater how limited the scope? How is their equipment, training, schedule, stations, etc. I would imagine they have top of the line equipment.

At least with AMR in la county, the medics can act within their la county scope of practice as medics....on ifts. La county fire still transports with our medics on fire calls that they deem als worthy, and they still run the show. As far as equipment AMR medics have good equipment, nothing used. They do have io's which I've heard has helped out county fire numerous times. I guess it's not in their scope or policy, but it's an AMR policy for medics at least.

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