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    Experience with Bone Marrow Transplant patients.....

    I'm a nationally certified EMT and I have an opportunity to work with a bone marrow transplant patient. I wanted to know if anyone here has had any experience with those types of patients? I would love to hear your input, just to get some perspective of what I may be taking on.
  2. B

    CARE Ambulance - Orange County, CA Testing

    Hi everyone! I am testing soon with CARE in Orange County, CA. I wanted to know if you guys had any tips for the Written and Skills tests, specifically what I should study most. I know there are other threads on this, but I wanted to know the most recent information since they changed their...
  3. G

    Care Hiring process??

    Hello y'all, I am looking into applying to Care in the OC. I just wanted to know if you guys can help me out and let me know how the hiring process is for Care? and what should I expect. Thanks!!
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    Emergency and Lifeline interview (SoCal)

    Hello everyone, This is my first time using emtlife. I've learned a lot on here and now I'm here myself looking for advice. I recently just acquired my state license in California and applied to a Emergency and Lifeline. I got interviews with them next week and I was hoping anyone who has...