1. K

    Is NREMT really THAT bad?

    Here's my situation. I actually used to be an EMT. I worked for about 5 years but got burnt out and left the field in 2009. So my certification expired. But back then I did well in class, passed the practicals, the state written test, and the NREMT all on the first try. But those tests were on...
  2. M

    Rambling Thoughts 2017 update?

    Anyone have a copy of the Florida Rambling Thoughts study guide?
  3. Hayden

    McCormick testing

    Hey all, A super last minute post, but I am testing for McCormick tomorrow and I was interested in hearing any tips. I've read a few other threads but they were out of date. Also I had a two questions for anyone who works there. 1. Suit and tie for the test? I'm assuming yes but you never...
  4. K


    I need helpful tips for studying and remembering practicals. Anyone got any?
  5. B

    CARE Ambulance - Orange County, CA Testing

    Hi everyone! I am testing soon with CARE in Orange County, CA. I wanted to know if you guys had any tips for the Written and Skills tests, specifically what I should study most. I know there are other threads on this, but I wanted to know the most recent information since they changed their...
  6. T

    Passed my psychomotor then told I didn't.

    Hello I took my advance emt psychomotor exam in December. On my first attempt I failed 5 skills. We were allowed to retake the ones we had missed that day and on my second attempt I passed those 5 and therefore was informed that I had passed my exam. Well later down the road I passed my...
  7. P

    AEMT entrance exam pointers?

    Hello, Friday I'll be taking my AEMT entrance exam for the course at REMSA. I haven't worked as an EMT since July, so I'm a little nervous that I'll forget some important stuff. I've been studying on quizlet and looking up other material. My main question is if anyone has anything they think...
  8. A

    Medical Design Project - Help Wanted

    Hi All, My name is Adam Wallace and I am a Final Year Undergraduate Product Design Student at Loughborough University. I am hoping if you might be able to provide some information and feedback to a medical product I am designing at University. The 9 month project is aimed at supporting...