orange county

  1. J

    Anyone work at Symbiosis? (OC)

    Hey guys. Just got hired as an Event EMT for Symbiosis. Working in Orange County, CA. First time working for one of the more "non-shady" event companies. Just wanted to pick anyone's brain on what the company is like to work for. Thanks!
  2. A

    Orange County, CA Ambulance Companies: part-time for Care? Doctor's? Lynch? Help!!!

    Hi all, idk where to work bc I'm hearing so much **** back and forth about all of the companies. YES, sadly I'm stuck in OC (despite living in LA county), but OC also covered my ambulance license charges so there was that. If ANYONE can recommend any other companies out there or give some...
  3. pghmedic580

    Tattoo Policies? - NC EMS agencies

    Hey everyone, I am an EMT-B in medic school in the CA Bay Area. I have worked in a pretty busy 911 system for the last 18 months. My wife and I are looking to relocate to North Carolina in the next year. We are looking at the Raleigh metro area.. and I have checked out all of the threads...
  4. B

    CARE Ambulance - Orange County, CA Testing

    Hi everyone! I am testing soon with CARE in Orange County, CA. I wanted to know if you guys had any tips for the Written and Skills tests, specifically what I should study most. I know there are other threads on this, but I wanted to know the most recent information since they changed their...
  5. ChristianAshleyEMT


    Well, I recently graduated EMT school and have done every prerequisite imaginable that baselines most of what the average company is asking for. Now that I've done all of that I was hoping somebody could suggest some companies in the SoCal Los Angeles/Orange Counties that have 9/11 contracts?