A corspman at the squad level


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In theory, that's a good idea. I suspect that in practice, it'll have a similar result as putting a Paramedic on every apparatus...

I think a better idea is to make sure there's a well trained first-aider in every squad and a Corpsman available at the Platoon level.


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Hard to say... I mean in theory, a 68W SPC in each Squad with a Medic Sergeant at the Platoon, SSG as the Senior Company Medic (and thus essentially a full Combat Medic Platoon in addition to the Bn HHC Medical Platoon from the current Section within said Plt)

Especially for COIN operations where you often have Squads operating far more independently and across further distances from each other (and thus the Platoon Medic) than "normal" LSCO... where there, the greater pace and intensity of operations, it would likely be beneficial...

Problem arises when you realize that this calls for quadrupling of 68W in the force... where are those Medics coming from? Not out of thin air, and you can't just put in an order at the manufacturer like if you wanted to get more 240s or Carl Gs or whatever, and then you have to actually retain whatever new Medics you do recruit...

Which there's the problem that outside of actual combat ops, Combat Medics aren't really getting to do their jobs a whole lot... like someone else said, it's not too far off from saying putting double medics on every ambulance, even if they're just running dialysis discharge IFTs, there's going to be an issue of skill retention and whatnot for a force much larger than the actual workload...

All in all, I wouldn't be against at the least authorizing up to double the number of line Medics (so you could get two per Platoon). Recruiting, training, and thus actually filling those slots on the paper TO&E would take a long time to actually catch up (assuming corresponding increases in budget and facilities for said recruitment/training are also taking place) which would help build a better bridge to a "WW3" LSCO scenario where getting a Medic per Squad is far more useful than todays garrison life


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100% agree with the lack of resource. There’s not enough line medics on the army side at least for it. On per platoon with well trained cls person per squad is how my old unit ran it. The medical section not on the line back at HHC ran the aid station and ambulance.


Anyone think this is a good idea to put Navy Corpsman at the Squad level
No, putting a "pecker checker" at squad level is overkill. TCCC is taught to those going downrange. That is sufficient given that 2/3rds of preventable battlefield deaths are attributed to uncontrolled hemorrhage followed by approximately 1/3rd TP. Both situations are covered in TCCC. Not saying this will save the day in all situations, but unless the "Doc" is carrying what an 18D does, it won't enhance the outcome.

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