south carolina

  1. Mya

    Columbia, SC EMS companies anyone knows about?

    I've just recently moved to Columbia, SC and was wondering which companies anyone recommends OR knows anything about? I had an interview with Richland county EMS but heard their scheduling sucked and that Lexington county ems pays more (I have no idea how much so if anyone knows please tell me!)...
  2. K

    Paramedic - South Carolina Midlands

    Newberry County EMS is a progressive hospital-based EMS service located 45 miles northwest of Columbia, SC. We serve a population of 40,000 people in a 600 square mile area that is predominantly rural. NCEMS responds to 6000 calls annually. We have an immediate opening for a night time 12 hour...
  3. chunkypeaches

    Greenville county SC/ Charleston County SC EMS?

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these two organizations? If so if you could share some details about them other than what their websites say i would greatly appreciate it! Also- New to EMTLIFE! So happy i've found this wonderful resource!
  4. J

    South Carolina EMS questions????

    i have a few questions about the EMS systems in SC. I am currently living in Jacksonville Florida but I plan to move to SC in February once paramedic school is over. I haven't decided which part of Sc I want to move to yet due to not knowing about the counties. If anyone has any knowledge about...
  5. M

    Ohio medic looking to move to the carolina's

    Hi everyone, quick question for Carolina people. My wife and I are looking to move south. I've been an Ohio medic for 6 years and want to know your opinion on medic jobs. There seems to be a lot of 911 agencies hiring in North Carolina but I've noticed they pay is better in South Carolina. Which...
  6. BassoonEMT

    New Medic moving to North Carolina

    Hello all. I'm about a month away from finishing up my paramedic program, if all goes well I'll get my national as well. I have a few jobs here in New York, but I'm looking to move down to North Carolina. It's possible I'll have a sort-of inherited house in the south eastern corner of the...