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Hi everyone, quick question for Carolina people. My wife and I are looking to move south. I've been an Ohio medic for 6 years and want to know your opinion on medic jobs. There seems to be a lot of 911 agencies hiring in North Carolina but I've noticed they pay is better in South Carolina. Which state do you think is better? We don't necessarily need to live "on the coast" but less than an hour drive would be preferred since our main hobby is ocean fishing. Is there many available jobs near the coast in SC? And also is there any place you would say is a good place to work in either state? Just looking for some input. Looking to move in the next year or so. Thank you


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You looking for Medic only, or Fire/Medic???
On the Coast, Myrtle Beach is Fire/Medic, Small dept, don't hire lot.
Horry County is Fire/Medic, med dept, hires quite a few.
MIGC small dept Fire/Medic, rarely hires
G-town County/Midway, small to med dept Fire/Medic, hires occasionally, will take some PT Medic Only.
Charleston County, Medic only, big dept, hires once in awhile.
Mount Pleasant FD is a fire service that does ALS first response/no transport, for Charleston County

Within a couple Hours of the coast. Florence County, Berkley County, Darlington County, Lee County, Williamsburg County, Marlboro county and Timmonsville rescue.
All small EMS only services, someone is always hiring out of the lot.

Plus there are quite a few privates that do IFT and several of the ERs now hire Medics.
Myself, I work one of the ER jobs mainly and do 911 on a volunteer squad that does Pay-per-call.