New Medic moving to North Carolina


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Hello all.

I'm about a month away from finishing up my paramedic program, if all goes well I'll get my national as well. I have a few jobs here in New York, but I'm looking to move down to North Carolina. It's possible I'll have a sort-of inherited house in the south eastern corner of the state, so that'd be my first option - that area of North Carolina or northern South Carolina - but I'm looking into other areas of the state as well.

I've done some research into agencies/departments down there, some seem more top notch than others, as you get anywhere.

What are some places more apt to hire a new medic, especially one moving from states away? I have 5 years EMT experience both volunteer 911, transport for a year, and NYC 911 for about a year. I have no problem earning medic experience here first, but I would like to move as soon as possible. Definitely no more than a couple years down the road.

I find that a lot of work in my area is per diem, is it the same down there, or is there more opportunity for full-time work?

Also, any information on general work environments, camaraderie among co-workers (looking for that real family-like feel), and salary vs cost of living from the standpoint of people in the area. (i find those salary/cost of living websites are never really helpful)



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I sent you a PM.

I only had a few years of Dr's apt runs before medic school. Once I finished medic school I applied here and got hired. Process was rigorous but not impossible. Reciprocity was easy. MEDIC staff took care of it while in the new hire academy.