continuing education

  1. N

    Advancing clinical knowledge

    Hey y’all! I have been working as a medic in CA for about a year and a half, and am currently looking at moving out of state to get out of the private EMS hell out here (along with cost of living, etc). I am realizing while attempting to study for tests for some of these places I’ve applied to...
  2. soflomedic14

    CE Broker for continuing education

    Have any of you used CE Broker For CEUs? It was suggested to me by a few people as it’s apparently easy to use and prices very fairly.
  3. D

    Training opportunities with CEU's

    Awareness protective Consultants from NJ travels nationwide to train EMS and Fire for several courses such as: Situational Awareness Integrated Active Shooter for First Responders Both are able to obtain Continuing education for the training and both are 4 hour training increments. Please...
  4. C

    Getting CE Hours in Minnesota for NREMT Cert

    Hey everyone, I got my NREMT for Minnesota in June of 2017 and found out I was pregnant in May of 2017. I had hyperemesis gravidarum the entire pregnancy so I didn't do anything with my NREMT as I could barely function to make it to my appointments. Anyways, here I am with a now healthy baby...
  5. FFPRN16

    2018 NREMT recertification around the corner.

    I currently hold an NREMT AEMT certification. I have never had to recertify before and I am a bit confused on how to go about it. I already have a few CE hours to go towards my recertification. My question is what is a good online website to get all my CE's that I am going to need? I am in medic...
  6. Paramedic Resource

    FOAMed Video - Fentanyl Pharmacology

    What do you think? Miss anything? Anything you would have put differently?
  7. Michelle Belus

    Continuing education websites

    What site should I use for my continuing education?
  8. Michelle Belus

    Continuing education! or I'm trying to decide which one to use for continuing education??? Help any suggestions!
  9. Paramedic Resource

    Morphine - FOAMed Video

    How'd I do? Did I cover all the bases?
  10. Paramedic Resource

    Pericarditis - FOAMed Video

    Hello again EMTlife! I've somehow managed to compile another video in under a week. check it out below if you are interested in learning about the causes, identification and treatment of Pericarditis. How do you differentiate between pericarditis and other sources of chest discomfort in your...
  11. C


    Does anyone from Colorado (or who knows the Colorado requirements well) tell me about where/how continuing education works? I found this list of requirements if that helps: Also, as I go through school...
  12. M

    Continuing Education

    Hello everyone! So basically my story is that shortly after I got my EMT license I had about a year of Active Duty. So as a result im cramming to make up for the CE hours, due to my work schedule I don't have a ton of time to do CE hours. I did do a swiftwater rescue course when I got home...
  13. S

    Relevance of Continuing Education for BLS providers

    I've been a member of this group for many years but haven't been active in posting or responding, mostly just following the discussions. As an EMS Educator and CE Program Coordinator in the Los Angeles area I've struggled for a long time with the challenge of developing a CE program that is...