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  • You sent me a message quite some time ago and I apologize for the late response. How do i accept your friend request?
    HAHA!! Ya A&P fun stuff lol..I learn that in 2 weeks with my medic school. (The school isnt a mill lol, it has the highest NREMT-P passing rates in CA). Thats good school is going well..I have the Coast Gaurd trying to get me for my fire experiance/medical stuff lol.
    Well shoot dear jump on and we shall roll lol..got of another money making team hahah!! How is school going for you?
    Thank you sexy. By the way "You are cute!" I know I have been away from a while, I have started a new job and the over nights are killing me (no it is not in a Reg DAMN IT. I am working at a Hotel). How have you been??
    HAHA!! Ya new streetbike..and that will about spend it..now o find someone that looks good on the back of it..why is life so hard? lol
    HAHA!! you can share my room lol jk jk! Ya it is great just got off another strike team count me another 3k haha. Saving up a tight little bundle before medic school. How are things with you?
    Pretty well actually... maintaining the highest grade even with the fluke of a quiz I had today.

    Some people are jealous though--- I'm nicknamed "know-it-all" by a couple of them. Oh well... atleast I can spell "diphenhydramine"!
    Hecks yea it's been a while.

    Just chilling here... reading up on cardiology. Have an 8 hour class tomorrow :(
    1100 dollars in 3days..freaking break my body for it though..O well still fun. glad to hear that you enjoy your job.
    I know that feeling. I'm planning a trip to CO to see an old friend on some of my days off. I'm floating right now at my hospital as a Tech, since my floor got cut by 50% right now. Taking it easy is required sometimes :D
    Not too bad. Just relaxing a little. Finished all my class practical tests (identical list to NR) and tomorrow we just have cleanup and then NR practical exams on Friday! How are you doing?
    Lol, I hope so..I got picked up for another strike team..hope to bank alot of money before school..so i can avoid having to work fulltime.
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