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  • I'm alright. Just tired as hell! Workin and sleeping is about it! lol Email me and I will respond. I promise! :)
    I know said don't ask, but I gotta! The peanut butter and the dog, I can see. But what is it with the pineapple? You sooo lost me there! LOL Inquiring minds wanna know! :)
    LOL I found them hard to keep warm too. The test went really really well! I just ate and my tummy is hating me right now!! Got any TUMS? :)
    We are at the Gyn / OB Emergencies. That's neat. I have spent the week birthing manaquin babies! lol
    I am feeling a little better, Thanks! I am really tired tho. That, I can live with! lol Class is going well. Having tests every other day, Literallly!! Doing well for the most part. A&P is really whipping my butt. I am gonna have bruises on my boom boom! :p
    That sounds pretty good! I might have to go see it. I am a horror movie junkie!! There is not a lot of scarey movies I haven't seen!!!
    Hmmmm......Ben and Jerry's!! I have a craving now! Thanks a lot!! LOL I know you will do just fine! No worries!! :p
    14 days huh? Not bad at all!!! I passed my midterms!!! Yay for me! I am doing the dance like the Peanuts gang. LOL
    Poor guy!! That had to hurt!! My journey is going. I just had to drop 2 of my classes today because of the heart issue I am having but I will still be able to get my cert on time, Thank God!!!! How are you doing?
    Well, I will keep my fingers crossed for you and you can cross yours for me! How does that sound? lol
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