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  • I am actor living in a deluded fantasy as an EMT so I figured it was appropriate. Actually none of that is true, but I am frequently delusional!
    Just click join, I don't have it locked down. Every one is allowed. Just click that you want to be part of the group, and I will add you.
    yep - she got banned by Chimpie... over that fracas with the union guy... its weird how she is held to a higher standard than they are. I love Betty - she is super smart and never stops trying to help.
    No, it's not just you! It's alright, I can take a hit. Honestly, I can learn a lot from people more experienced than me... even if they happen to be rude to me at the time. I just know that I won't have the same attitude when I'm in their shoes a few years down the line.

    I think you'll make a great EMT/ medic, or whatever it is you want to be! You have a great attitude and it's always nice to be around people who respect others :)
    Hey, you seem nice. I like your posts. We should all advocate for respect. :)
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