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    Cop "saves" an infant with "CPR"

    Oh, and if you watch the end of the video, he tells the medics that "at first she wasn't breathing" and that he gave her a couple of breaths. He did not. He did say in the article that he blew in her face though. And she was moving the whole time. Here's the link to the article...
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    Cop "saves" an infant with "CPR"

    Is anyone else bothered by this kind of stuff? So an officer shows up to "save the day" for what I imagine was a report of a pedi code or something (probably just a febrile seizure, but good for him for caring enough to show up). News reports that he resuscitated the infant with CPR, but...
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    fish hook back of the neck

    Here's a thought: Removing a fish hook is taught in the Boy Scouts. Simply push the barb through the skin, snip it off, and then pull it out and apply a bandage. So if it's taught by the Scouts, shouldn't we be able to do the same in EMS? #problemsolved
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    No C-Spine... Right call?

    I guess my question is in regard to the "unknown height". Does that mean he could have fallen from something up high? If he was next to those high shelves, he's ALOC (and the tachycardia is interesting too) I would think that would buy him a board.
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    Bystander Complaints

    My biggest issue (currently) with complaints is that regardless of how silly or wrong the complaint is, our supervisors and management always bring the complaint right to us. Whether it be someone who was startled by our siren, someone who felt that we didn't believe they had an obscure...
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    In the bay area? There are several with good reputations. If you're a newbie I'd honestly just start applying everywhere to get a foot in the door and start getting "experience" (even if you're just doing BLS IFTs). If you're looking at BLS IFT work, I'd pick Falck over Protrans for numerous...
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    Medic student here, did anyone else have trouble thinking of enough questions to ask patients?

    I had the same issue when I was starting as a paramedic. The best way to look at it is that you want to know everything about them and question everything. If you start running out of medical questions, start asking about family health history, social history and then just chat. Ask them what...
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    Yeah... just use them as a stepping stone on the way to working for a better company. Falck/VeriHealth and Protrans both know that EMTs are a dime-a-dozen and treat their employees accordingly.
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    Happy EMS week!!

    Hooray. EMS week: Thanks for saving out butts, here's a lanyard.
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    I hate when people walk up and ask me to check them out. I feel obligated to do it (because... legal reasons) but I also feel like I'm obligated to give then a ration of crap about not just going straight to the ED. Vague "I don't feel good" complaints are a pain in the butt unless you can cut...
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    Confusion on when to give Neb treatments and what to use..

    @Gurby The reason you don't see Atrovent being ordered with albuterol in the hospital setting is because albuterol can pretty much be continuously given while atrovent needs only to be given at intervals, and too much can be harmful. If EMS brings in a patient that has already gotten a dose of...
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    AMR Bay Area Hiring Process

    There is a company that comes out periodically for people to do their physicals and DL51 stuff, and they are present during the new-hire training. If I recall correctly they are the ones that conduct the lift testing as well.
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    Let em sleep!!

    I find it interesting that the guy was arrested for a suspended license, yet in the interview he says that he was sitting in a car and blowing the horn at the crew. Where I work sleeping on the job is technically against policy, but it's understood that crews do it routinely. Our supervisors...
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    AMR Bay Area Hiring Process

    AMR here does do a written test, skills exam and interview panel. The written is pretty straightforward, as are the skills, usually includes a full patient assessment. As Girevik and k9Dog said, do some prep for the interview. DEFINITELY dress up, preferably in a suit, every time you are...
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    Making Sense of Sgarbossa's Criteria - Chest Pain and LBBB

    Great post, TomB! Smith's modification is definitely something I will be sharing with other 12 lead junkies!