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    How Assertive Are You On Calls?

    You guys don't have to jump all over me. I made a mistake and was taught wrong regarding the protocols for our forms, and I'm going to speak with those who told me this.
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    How Assertive Are You On Calls?

    I think I worded my post a bit wrong. I mean us, as EMT's saying "listen, it's either you have to sign this refusal or we have to take you to the hospital". I in every way agree that the cop was extremely harsh to the patient. I don't know where you got the idea that you can just have a patient...
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    How Assertive Are You On Calls?

    Hey guys, I ran into a situation today with a patient. He's a frequent flyer and refused when we told him to sign our refusal form (he always calls then refuses care). My partner kept (in my opinion) being soft with him saying over and over "it's a legal document, you have to sign it" which did...
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    Left Behind Gurney

    I've left small stuff like head blocks and even the reeves before but never the gurney. As said, just check before you head back to quarters, it only takes a couple of seconds!
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    Telling the Boss That I'm Joining a Second Company?

    Yeah you do have a point. Thanks for the input
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    Telling the Boss That I'm Joining a Second Company?

    They are both volunteer. Don't judge haha I'm just looking for what to say to make this as easy as possible.
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    Telling the Boss That I'm Joining a Second Company?

    Hey guys, just needed some help in regards to an issue I have. For the past several months, I have wanted to join a second squad (don't judge or anything), but there's just one problem: I'm afraid to tell my boss! There is absolutely no rule against being on multiple squads (in fact, about 35 of...
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    How many calls do you get typically in a shift...

    I also work 911 EMS in NJ being 2 tier. I run 5 hour shifts in a larger town with usually one call per shift, and a 12 hour shift in a smaller town with about 1-2 per shift. Typical call (from time of dispatch to back in quarters) almost always takes more than an hour, but never more than an...
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    boots and pants

    I wear 5.11 pants with a cheaper pair of ****ies as a backup in case something happens to my pants and I have to change quick and Smith & Wesson boots which aren't steel toe or waterproof, although I've walked through water in them and havent felt anything come through. I usually wear those when...
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    104.5 isn't a nice little fever, that's extremely high. I would consider a "nice little fever" as something like 100.1 or 101.1.
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    Reflective material on pants

    Hey guys, I am thinking about putting some silver 3m scotchlite fabric on my pants (my local store does custom modifications) and there's just one problem; I don't know where it should be put. I was thinking around the very bottom pant legs, and on top of the back pockets. Is there any other...
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    Double Poisoning

    It comes in standard detergent bottles too. This is what they had:
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    How's you shift going?

    Just got off a 12 hour shift with zero calls!:o
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    Oh my lord...
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    Double Poisoning

    Yeah the mom said they both vomited within 2 minutes of them initially drinking it.