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    Independant filming

    In Thailand there are no Hipaa laws or stuff like that so the volunteers who aren't handling gear or the patient will have their phones out filming and taking photos so they can be uploaded the Foundations FB page.
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    Have you ever put a mask on because it was smelly?

    I was watching a show covering Boston Fire they got dispatched to a probable decomposing body in a room and before entering the complex one of the guys grabbed his scba.
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    We yell, "Light 'dem cherries!" before L+S. What do you yell?

    Thai's go lights and sirens for everything.
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    What to do with really old equipment?

    My Friend Marko Cunnigham could use this stuff as he is helping several fledgling EMS communities in Myanmar just contact Bangkok Free Ambulance.
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    things you will never live down

    I have a friend who volunteers for the Ruamkatanyu Foundation and he fell asleep in a refrigerated mortuary trailer after the 2004 tsunami now the other volunteers say he has ghosts.
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    What does your agency ride in...

    In Thailand Almost all BLS is run by volunteers who have to buy everything that they use so the vehicles used as Ambulances vary here are some examples
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    The good ole, Vanbulance.

    So something like this and yes both of those vehicles are Ambulances
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    Thai EMS

    Here is a good video it follows on of the paid Rescue workers
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    How do you know if someone is a volunteer EMT?

    Looks like the front of one of those thai pick up truck ambulances
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    Hey im from Muskegon too im currently taking emt 101 at mcc

    Hey im from Muskegon too im currently taking emt 101 at mcc
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    Thai EMS

    I don't know why he told you that but volunteers can use ambubags here they are using one on a motorcycle crash victim
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    NO CPR is better than moving CPR...true or false?

    Here is some video of CPR in a moving ambulance in Thailand The person doing the compressions looks to be doing good despite standing in a moveing vehicle. could it be the size of the ambulance that makes...
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    Thai EMS

    Since it is one of my dreams to work in thailand i decided i would share what i know of how the ems system works there. Firstly about 90% if not more of the ems system is volunteer many of the ambulances and gear is bought by the rescuers themselves. In Bangkok 2 main foundations provide ems The...
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    This abomination

    Wonder if The NYPD ESU is thinking about getting one of these.
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    Was ist ein Krankenwagen?

    Maybe pick up trucks with toppers could be used as bls ambulances in rural areas. In thailand most volunteer groups use them you can see some in my thai ambulances album.