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    Massachusetts EMT Jobs

    PrideStar is hiring. No 911 but they have bases in Lowell, Lawrence and Nashua.
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    Passed NREMT but need to take Psychomotor exam..

    The state you are looking for a test in would help.
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    AMR's mass hire event in CT

    A large portion of the people that were at the interview have little to no experience. If you want to work, apply. You can't win if you don't play. Bridgeport is not union but the other divisions pay rates can be googled by looking for the CBA.
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    CPR Makes you undead

    Every once in a while a public service announcement (PSA) comes along that truly takes your breath away. In this new video, "The Undeading," a horde of zombies performs CPR on a hapless victim.
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    Online Scheduling

    We use whentohelp as a volunteer service. Free Use of WhenToHelpSM Lite Online Volunteer Scheduling Any organization that schedules volunteers is welcome to try out WhenToHelpSM Lite free for thirty days. (If you do employee scheduling we recommend trying WhenToWork online employee...
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    Ct ems

    I am from the Hartford area.
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    Congrats on the big numbers.

    Congrats on the big numbers.
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    Congratulations MMiz!!

    Hold your mouse over a username and look in the bottom of the browser. Yours is 1044
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    amr guys *uniform question* You can get the same link from the AMR Portal page. Lower right side under AMR links.
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    Unions for EMS

    We just got rid of NEMSA. Do some research on them.
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    EMT-B JOB in CT?

    Did you follow up after dropping off your resume? It may be a bit of a waiting game, but checking in and making sure they know you are interested still would be a good idea.
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    Volunteer or Paid ?

    Being in a volunteer organization is a great way to get experience and learn how to be an EMT. Make sure you make the most of it to learn and ask questions.
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    Volunteer or Paid ?

    I work paid and I volunteer. Where in CT are you located?
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    Has anyone done a group interview for a ambulance compnay

    We have a hiring process where 20 - 30 candidates will be brought in for a session. Four practical stations are used and each candidate will go through each one ,take a written test and a verbal interview based of standard questions. You do each part yourself, but it is much faster and easier...
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    VERTX pants

    pm sent