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    *laughs* Yeah, but who needs to make sense. Just follow the rules, damnit! :lol: :rolleyes: Who cares what actually works. ;)
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    Patient Care Reports

    MD utilizes what they call EMAIS. It's all on the web. We access it with our provider numbers and passwords and when we're done, we print out what we just did and send copies to everyone who needs them. Then the call is logged under your name so that if you ever need to go back to it for some...
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    Ever wax the ambulance?

    Mother's is pretty good stuff. -Ray
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    Pump it up!!

    You know what's really funny is when you hook it through the PA and now everyone else is hearing what you do overtop the siren. It definately get's people's attentions. -Ray
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    peds arrest

    Right, just walk up to the person and say: 'Hey, you have a problem. I see this. You need help.' I'm not the most eloquent of people, so how should I word something like that? -Ray
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    WEll you don't have to do a EKG .. put if you have the leads on .. and record.. a short strip or two.. this may help the Doc's at the ER WE can't do EKG's here in VA as EMT-B or as EMT-E... but the more info I can get to the doc's about the pt. the better for the pt... I try to get 4leads on...
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    peds arrest

    Here's a question for you all: What should you do if you can't handle a call? It's one of those that just eats at you forever, or it's a series of calls that all add up or keep reminding you of that one. You know you have a problem: You can't eat. Food smells disgusting. And when you do...
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    Laying on the Stretcher

    Not unless there was something worse facing me, which, in the ambulance, there isn't. I usually don't sleep on the stretcher while the unit is in motion. I hate to take naps while my driver has to stay awake. It's usually the same the other way around, too. We keep each other up. Now if...
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    Here in MD, we are not allowed to do EKG's as EMTBs. Sorry. Ate at approx. 2000hrs the night before(it is now about 0200hrs) - didn't get to eat all of her McDonalds because she is a Trauma Nurse and did not have enough time. However, she had eaten two Snickers bars before the accident...
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    Personal Web Sites?

    I have a Livejournal account. That's actually how I found this site. :lol:
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    What Makes You...well, You?

    Here's one for you. I don't like needles. I love giving them, I can give them all day, and have done so on many occasions. But the second you point a needle at me, I start crying and screaming and losing all rational thought. I once gave an ER tech a black eye and kicked over his cart...
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    Weather Conditions: Snowing w/ limited visibility(you can barely see 10ft in front of the vehicle). Dark out. Road covered in fresh snow/sleet/ice(you drive about 5 to 10mph for fear of sliding off the roadway suddenly). Scenario: You're dispatched to a 10-50 PI - SUV vs. 18-Wheeler. You arrive...
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    PulseOx for BLS, I need reasons!

    It's also like that with cold fingers/toes. You won't get a reading, and if you do, it's usually wrong.
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    Skate Medic???

    Around here, anyone can call for a helo - ranging from EMTP to PD. Everyone(PD and FD) is dispatched though the same dispatch center(at least in Harford County) so if anyone wants a helo, we just contact dispatch who in turn contacts SYSCOM. SYSCOM then contacts our state PD(our local helo tx)...
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    Glucometers for BLS

    :blink: Please tell me there are other places out there besides MD where you can use Glucometers.... *is hopeful* comes in quite handy! Just recently, actually, I had a patient tell me she took the wrong insulin medication, and when I checked her blood sugar I saw that it was 65. After...